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Section A

  Directions:In this section,you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations.At the end of each conversation,one or more questions will be asked about what was said.Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once.after each question there will be a pause.During the pause,you must read the four choices marked A), B), C) and D),and decide which is the best answer.Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

  11.A.She's happy that the student center is getting more computers.

  B.She'll let the man use her computer to do statistics assignments.

  C.She'll take a statistics course in the student center soon.

  D.She'd like to buy a computer very soon.

  12.A.She is very happy to obey the rules.

  B.She is very interested in the rules.

  C.She is irritated by so many rules.

  D.She is sorry for the rules.

  13.A.Public buses are fast and cheap transportation tools.

  B.Parking is becoming a big problem.

  C.Subway trains are even safer than taxies.

  D.Taxies are more convenient than buses.

  14.A.He's also interested in Americian literature.

  B.He hasn't decided if he would take the literature class.

  C.The woman should have already finished her paper.

  D.The woman's topic may not be appropriate.

  15.A.She feels sorry owing to the man's failure.

  B.She did no better than the man in the contest.

  C.She is optimistic that she won't be the last in the contest.

  D.She thinks that they can win in the coming contest.

  16.A.It won't be different from the others.

  B.It will be unusually mild.

  C.It will be warm and comfortable.

  D.It will probably be cold.

  17.A.By learning English alone.

  B..By learning English hard before test.

  C.By studying at her spare time.

  D..By learning a little regularly.

  18.A.She is a little tired.

  B.She is going to study in the library.

  C.She wants to listen to the music.

  D.She is going to make a reservation.

  Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  19.A.How to borrow money from friends.

  B.How to reduce expenses on transportation.

  C.How to work out a financial plan.

  D.How to rent a cheap apartment.

  20.A.A small place with a nice view of the city.

  B.A spacious apartment with cable TV.

  C.An apartment downtown with free parking.

  D.An apartment outside of downtown.

  21.A.He should be careful when using his credit cards.

  B.He ought to sell his car to save money.

  C.He should stop spending money on enterttainment.

  D.He shouldn't go out to eat every night.

  Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  22.A.To see the effects of the world's technology in North Amracia on other part of the world.

  B. To see diffierent places of the world for relaxtion.

  C.To work for his thesis about network management.

  D.To look for some specific investment opportunities.

  23.A.Silicon Valley is the world's best place for studying.

  B.There are numerous schools in Silicon Valley.

  C.It is a very nice place parly because of many successful people.

  D.There are lots of business opportunities in Silicon Valley.

  24.A.It brings them more competition and challenges.

  B.It brings more opportunities to them.

  C.It brings them more advanced technology.

  D.It makes their life easier.

  25.A.They should think about the business in their own countries.

  B.They should think how to do business with other countries

  C.They should compete with companies in other countries.

  D.They should thinkabout businesses from a globle view.

Section B

  Directions: In this section,you will hear 3 short passages.At the end of each passage,you will hear some questions.Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once.After you hear a question,you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D).Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

  Passage One

  Questions 26 to 28 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  26.A.They think writers have wealth and fame.

  B.They like writing.

  C.They want to enjoy loneness.

  D.They follow some examples.

  27.A.She wasn't able to produce a single book.

  B.She wasn't able to have a rest for a whole year.

  C.She hadn't seen a change for the better.

  D.She found his dream would never come true.

  28.A.It warns young people of the hardships of a successful writer.

  B.It advises young people to give up their idea of becoming writers.

  C.It shows that writers usually live in poverty and isolation.

  D.It encourages young people to pursue a writing carceer.

  Passage Two young people to pursue a writing career.

  Questions 29 to 31 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  29.A.Because they liked to eat tea leaves.

  B.Because they were curious about the taste of tea leaves.

  C.Because they did not know how to do with tea.

  D.Because they wanted to make sandwiches with tea.

  30.A.Britons got expensive tea from china.

  B.Britons got their first tea from Finland.

  C.Britons were the first people in Europe who drank tea.

  D.In the 17th century the East India Company introduced tea to Britain.

  31.A.Because they followed everything the Britons did.

  B.Because it tasted better than mixed with butter.

  C.Because it become a popular drink.

  D.Because they were influenced by a woman in the upper class.

  Passage Three

  Questions 32 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  32.A.Officials from the New York Police Department.

  B.Officials from the New York federal government.

  C.Officials from the New York local government.

  D.Amecicans working in the subway and restaurants.

  33.A.In restaurants.

  B.In theatres.

  C.In New York city subway.

  D. In toilet stalls.

  34.A.Under their arms.

  B.Under their coats.

  C.On the floor between the legs.

  D.On the wrist.

  35.A.Under the seats.

  B.Behind the door.

  C.On the floor.

  D.Ladies' room.

  Section C

  Directions:In this section,you will hear a passage three times.When the passage is read for the first time,you should listen carefully for its general idea.When the passage is read for the second time,you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from 36 to 43 with the exact words you have just heard.For blanks numbered from 44 to 46 you are required to fill in the missing information.For these blanks, you can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words.Finally, when the passage is read for the third time,you should check what you have written.

  The Taj Mahal is to open on moonlit evenings 20 years after security fears ends night visits.India's Supreme Court will allow the famous (36)______to love to open four nights a month,(37)______for three months.

  The Taj , built in the 1600s by the Mughal (38)______Shah Jahan as a tomb for his wife ,is a World (39)______site.Only 400 visitors will be let in each night,and parking restrictions will be (40)______around the site.

  The Supreme Court (41)______came as state officials in Uttar Pradesh were celebrating the Taj's 350th (42)______close to its site in the city of Agra.

  "This reopening of the Taj for moonlight viewing is going to draw (43)______crowds from across the globe," State tourism minister Kaukab Hamid said,"(44)________________."

  Tourist chiefs said more than 300,000 foreigners visited the Taj Mahal site in 2003,but numbers are down since the terror attacks in the US on 11 September 2003.(45)_________________.

  The Sikh insurgency ended in the mid-1990s,but Indian authorities have remained reluctant to let visitors back to the Taj after sunset.During the height of tensions between India and Pakistan in 2001,officials drew up plans to disguise the Taj from possible Pakistani air attacks.

  Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as an expression of love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.(46)__________________.


  Section A

  11.D 12.C 13.B 14.D 15.B 16.D 17.D 18.B 19.C 20.A 21.B 22.A 23.C 24.B 25.D

  Section B

  Passage One 26.A 27.C 28.A

  Passage Two 29.C 30.D 31.D

  Passage Three 32.A 33.C 34.C 35.D

  Section C









  44.We will ensure strict security and follow visitor guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court

  45.Night visits to the Taj,once a romantic highlight of any visit to India,were banned in 1984 for some reason.

  46.It is largely made of white stone that reflects the changes of colour visible during sunset and clear, moonlit nights

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