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PartV cloze (15 minutes)
  Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A),B),C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.
  Public image refers to how a company is viewed by its customers, suppliers, and stockholders, by the financial community, by the communities 62 it operates, and by federal and local governments. Public image is controllable 63 considerable extent, just as the product, price, place, and promotional efforts are.
  A firm’s public image plays a vital role in the 64 of the firm and its products to employees, customers, and to such outsiders 65 stockholders, suppliers, creditors, government officials, as well as 66 special groups. With some things it is impossible to 67 all the diverse publics: for example, a new highly automated plant may meet the approval of creditors and stockholders, 68 it will undoubtedly find 69 from employees who see their jobs 70 .On the other hand, high and service standards should bring almost complete approval, 71 low and 72 claims would be widely looked down upon.
  A firm’s public image, if it is good, should be treasured and protected. It is a valuable 73 that usually is built up over a long and satisfying relationship of a firm with publics. If a firm has learned a quality image, this is not easily 74 or imitated by competitors. Such an image may enable a firm to 75 higher prices, to win the best distributors and dealers, to attract the best employees, to expect the most 76 creditor relationships and lowest borrowing costs. It should also allow the firm’s stock to command higher price-earnings 77 than other firms in the same industry with such a good reputation and public image.
  A number of factors affect the public image of a corporation. 78 include physical 79, contacts of outsiders 80 company employees, product quality and dependability, prices 81 to competitors, customer service, the kind of advertising and the media and programs used, and the use of public relations and publicity.
  62. A) which B) what C) where D) whom
  63. A) in B) within C) on D) to
  64. A) attraction B) attachment C) affection D) generalization
  65. A) and B) with C) as D) for
  66. A) converse B) diverse C) reverse D) universe
  67. A) satisfy B) treat C) amuse D) entertain
  68. A) so B) then C) thus D) but
  69. A) support B) identification C) compliment D) resistance
  70. A) ensured B) promoted C) threatened D) unemployed
  71. A) because B) while C) though D) when
  72. A) false B) fake C) artificial D) counterfeit
  73. A) fortune B) asset C) possession D) property
  74. A) countered B) defeated C) repelled D) compelled
  75. A) pay B) get C) order D) charge
  76. A) favorite B) prosperous C) favorable D) prospective
  77. A) rate B) ratio C) ration D) interest
  78. A) These B) They C) That D) It
  79. A) appliances B) equipment C) devices D) facilities
  80. A) on B) with C) in D) along
  81. A) relative B) related C) reliable D) reconcilable

Part Ⅴ Cloze
  62. C)。【解析】连接词辨义。在词组by the communities 62 it operates中,名词communicates后有主语it和谓语动词operates,因此判断该从句为定语从句。而先行词在定语从句中作状语,即it operates in the communities,于是选择C)where。
  63. D)。【解析】 考查固定搭配。to...extent或者to the extent of...表示“达到…的程度”,因此答案为D)。 in, within, on 均不能与extent搭配。
  64. A)。【解析】名词辨义。由第一段我们得知,考(试大公司的公共形象,也就是来自社会各方面的对公司的关注,也即公司的大众吸引力。所以,空格处应选择A)attraction。attachment“附件,附加装置,配属”;affection“友爱,爱情,喜爱”;generalization “一般化,普遍化,概括,广义性”。
  65. C)。【解析】考查语义和固定搭配。因为stockholders, suppliers, creditors, government officials等都属于outsiders,是outsiders的下义词。而词组就是这种用法。因此答案为C)。
  66. B)。【解析】形近词辨义。as well as 连接意义相近的词,前面stockholders, suppliers, creditors, government officials等都是各不相同的群体,那么后面special groups也应是多种多样的。diverse表示“不同的,多种多样的”,因此选择B)。converse“相反的,颠倒的”;reverse“相反的,倒转的,颠倒的”;universe“宇宙,世界,万物,领域”。
  67. A)。【解析】动词辨义。根据后面的例子我们得知,高度自动化的工厂可能迎合了公司债权人和股东的想法,但是却会遭到公司员工的反对,因为他们可能面临失业的危险。因此,公司不可能满足所有公众的愿望。所以选择A)satisfy。treat“视为,对待,论述,治疗,款待”;amuse“使发笑,使愉快”;entertain“娱乐,招待,接受”。
  68. D)。【解析】考查句际关系。由上题可知,两句之间是转折关系。因此D)正确。so“因而,所以,那么,这样看来”;then“当时,那么,因而,然后,于是”;thus“因而,从而,这样,如此”。
  69. D)。【解析】名词辨义。本句中,两个分句是转折关系,而且作为利益对立双方creditors and stockholders 和employees,他们对待工厂自动化的态度也是对立的。前者有单词approval(赞成)考(试大表明态度,后者的态度就应是resistance(抵抗,反对)。support“支撑,支持,支援,维持,赡养”;identification“辨认,鉴定,证明,视为同一”;compliment“称赞,恭维,致意,问候,道贺”。
  70. C)。【解析】动词辨义。由上下文得知,工厂高度自动化遭到了工人们的抵制,而他们抵制的原因就在于他们的工作岗位受到威胁,他们将面临下岗。因此see their jobs threatened或者see themselves unemployed。故选择C)。ensure“保证,担保,使安全,保证得到”;promote“促进,发扬,晋升为”;unemployed“失业的,未被利用的”。
  71. B)。【解析】考查连词。本句话中空格前的从句的主语是high-,空格后的从句的主语是low ,很明显,两句之间是对比关系,while表示“和…同时”,表示对比关系,因此B)正确。because表示因果关系,意为“由于,因为”;though表示转折关系,意为“虽然,尽管”。
  72. A)。【解析】近义词辨析。根据句义, 72 claims意为“不良的、不切实际的、或者虚伪的主张和要求”。false“错误的,虚伪的,假的,无信义的,伪造的”,因此,false符合题意。fake“假的,伪造的,冒充的 ”; artificial“人造的,假的,矫揉造作的,不自然的”; counterfeit“伪造的,假冒的”。
  73. B)。【解析】名词辨义。根据句义我们判断,具有良好的公众形象是一个企业珍贵的财富。这里“财富”一词并不指代拥有的金钱或财产,而是指代一种长处和优势。asset“财产”(anything owned),“可取之处”(a desirable thing),“优势”(advantage),因此B)正确。fortune“财富,好运,命运”; possession“拥有,占有,着迷,领土,财产(常用复数)”;property“财产,所有物,所有权,性质,特性”。
  74. A)。【解析】动词辨义。这句话的意思是:如果一个企业有良好的形象,那么对手就很难与之抗衡或者效仿。本句中空格一词应能与imitate并列,如果选择“打败”或者“抵制”,那么竞争者效仿这一获得良好形象的企业就无从谈起。counter“反对,反击,抗衡”,因此A)正确。defeat“击败,战胜,使失败,挫折”;repel“击退,抵制,使厌恶,使不愉快”;compel“强迫,迫使”。
  75. D)。【解析】 考查语义与词组搭配。在上下文中,由于企业具备了良好的形象,因此它就可以把价格定得更高,可以与最好的发行商和经销商合作等等。charge price (索价,要价)符合题意。pay, order, get均不与price搭配。
  76. C)。【解析】 形容词辨义。在诸多由良好的形象带给企业的好考(试大处中,企业有望能与债权人建立的关系应是对双方有利的,起促进作用的。favorable“赞成的,有利的,讨人喜欢的,起促进作用的”,因此C)正确。favorite“喜爱的,宠爱的,中意的”;prosperous“繁荣的”; prospective“预期的”。
  77. B)。【解析】固定搭配。price-earnings ratio“(股票市场上的)市盈率,价益比”。rate“比率,速度,等级,价格,费用”;ration“定量,配给量,定量配给”;interest“兴趣,关心,利息,利益”。
  78. B)。【解析】考查代词。在上下文中,我们判断空格是代替a number of factors的,因此They正确。
  79. D)。【解析】近义词辨析。根据语境,有很多因素影响了一个企业的公共形象,这些因素包括物理设备等等。因为这些设备会影响企业的公共形象,所以这些设备应该是公众能够接触到的设备、服务等硬件和软件的设施,facilities指为某一特殊活动或目的所提供的种种便利,包括设备、建筑物和服务等等,因此D)正确。appliance“用具,器具”,一般指电器设备,通常需要动力才能操作的家用电器和装置等;equipment“装备,设备,器材,装置”,一般指机械设备;device“装置,设计,图案,策略”,既可以是抽象的,也可以是具体的。
  80. B)。【解析】固定搭配。contact无论作动词还是名词,都与with搭配表示“与…联系”。
  81. A)。【解析】搭配与语义。首先判断空格一词能与to搭配,再通过句义判断词组prices 81 to competitors的意义为“能与同行竞争者相抗衡的价格”,relative to“相对于”,因此答案为A)。relative“有关系的,相对的,比较而言的”;related“叙述的,讲述的,有关系的”,related to“与…有关的”;reliable“可靠的,可信赖的”;reconcilable“可和解的,可调和的”。

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