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  1. abnormal a. 不正常的> I’m normal, you’re ~ !

  2. abolish v. 废除 > CET-Band 4 should be abolished ! A daydreamer

  3. abrupt a. 突然的, 唐突的 > Your ~ manner embarrassed her!

  4. absurd a. 荒唐的 >What an ~ idea!

  5. accessory n. 附件, 零件 > Handbag, lipstick, etc. are women’s accessories. What are men’s ? Tie, lighter and a fine purse.

  6. accommodate v. 提供膳宿> How can a small town ~ the Olympic Games?

  7. addict v. 上瘾 >I’m ~ed to computer games. Please save me!

  8. acquaint v. 使熟悉 > Are you ~ed with that MM?

  9. adhere to v. 遵守 >Adhere to your own principle

  10. adverse a. 不利的, 有害的 >Adverse circumstances can test a person’s wisdom and courage.

  11. aggravate v. 加重 >Smoking ~s cold.

  12. alleviate v. 减轻 >No one can ~ my pain.

  13. alternate v./a 交替(的) >a day of ~ sunshine and rain /Day and night ~

  14. ambiguous a. 歧义的 >The policeman is looking for a man with one eye. -----Why not use two? 你知道此幽默在何处?

  15. amplify v. 扩大(声音)>

  16. analogy n. 类比 by analogy

  17. anonymous a. 匿名的 I received an ~ letter.

  18. applaud v. 鼓掌; 赞许> I ~ your suggestion.

  19. apt a. 易于 >One is ~ to make mistakes if given too much pressure.

  20. array n. 陈列, 一系列>the ~ of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket

  21. arrogant a. 傲慢的> An ~ man is a self-important person.

  22. ascend v. 上升 > The balloons are ~ing.

  23. ascribe v. 归因于>He ~d his failure to his small vocabulary.

  24. aspiration n. 抱负 Your ~ is your ambition or strong wish.

  25. assault n. 攻击, 袭击>A robber ~ed him.

  26. assert v. 断言 He ~ed that the thief would come again.

  27. assurance n. 保证, 把握 >I give you my ~ that the product is safe and reliable.

  28. attendant n. 服务员, 随从

  29. authentic a. 真实的, 可靠的>Is Clinton’s biography ~?

  30. avert v. 避开、转移 We ~ed a loss .

  31. bald a. 秃顶的 A ~ man is considered to be intelligent.

  32. barren a. 荒芜的,不能生育的>Without dream, life is a ~ field.

  33. betray v. 背叛; 泄露 You ~ed me.

  34. bewilder v. 使迷惑 The new traffic lights ~ the man.

  35. bias n. 偏见 Bias is prejudice.

  36. blaze v. 燃烧; 发强光 >The summer sun is blazing.

  37. bleak a. 荒凉的; 凄凉的>a ~ future

  38. blink v. 眨眼睛; 闪烁 >

  39. blunder n. 大错

  40. bluntly ad. 直言不讳地
41. blur v. 变模糊 >Fog blurred my vision.

  42. bribe v. 行贿 >Who bribed the bride? Bridegroom.

  43. browse v. 浏览 ~ a web-page

  44. brutal a. 残酷的=cruel/savage/

  45. capsule n. 密封仓, 胶囊

  46. carve v. 刻

  47. casualty n. 伤亡人员 Many casualties are reported in the battle.

  48. cater to v. 迎合 > cater to the consumers

  49. caution n. 小心

  50. cherish v. 珍视; 怀有>~friendship/~ the hope that

  51. chronic a. 慢性的;严重的

  52. circulation n. 循环; 发行(量)>Reader has the largest ~ in China.

  53. climax n. 高潮 the ~ of the play

  54. cling to v. 紧紧抓住, 依恋;坚持,墨守>The baby clung to his mother./ ~ to the hope that....

  55. coincidence n. 巧合

  56. collaboration n. 合作 in ~ with

  57. collide v. 相撞; 冲突 The two opinions ~ with each other.

  58. commence v. 开始

  59. commute v. 乘车上下班 >I have to ~ between the university town and the downtown area.

  60. compact a. 紧凑的, 结实的 a ~ car/office

  61. compatible a. 相容的; 兼容的>That husband and wife are very ~.

  62. compensate v. 赔偿 >The insurance company ~d the man for his injuries.

  63. compile v. 汇编, 编辑 ~ a encyclopedia

  64. complement v. 补充,与。。。相配 The music ~s the film well.

  65. compliment v. /n. 赞美

  66. comply with v. 遵从

  67. compulsory a. 必做的 ~ education

  68. conceive of v. 构想 I can’t ~ of why he did such a stupid thing!

  69. confidential a. 机密的

  70. conform to v. 遵守 ~ to the local customs

  71. consensus n. 意见一致> If everyone consents to something, they reach a consensus.

  72. consequent a. (作为后果) 随之发生的 lack of electricity and the ~ loss in economy

  73. conserve v. 保护, If you conserve something, you use it carefully and will not waste it. >In winter some people ~ energy by lowering the heat at night.

  74. consolidate v. 巩固

  75. conspicuous a. 显眼的 The girl in red in the snow field is very ~.

  76. contaminate v. 污染 If you ~ something, you make it dirty.

  77. contemplate v. 沉思; 凝视 >You must ~ the results of the action.

  78. contempt n. 轻视 >Before the competition, Williams held the little known player in contempt.

  79. contend v. 主张=assert > The lawyer contends that the man is guilty.

  80. contradict v. 相矛盾
81. contrive v. 谋划, 图谋>The terrorists ~d to hijack a plane.

  82. converge v. 会合, 聚集 (meet at a common point) The two rivers converge here.

  83. cordial a. 热情的

  84. corrupt a./v. 腐败的; 腐蚀 ~ officials

  85. cozy a. 舒适的 a ~ bedroom

  86. counterpart n. 对应的人或物

  87. criterion n. 标准 =standard

  88. curb v. 控制, 约束=restrain /restrict/> I my curbed my appetite for food.

  89. cynical a. 愤世嫉俗的> a ~ young man is a angry young man

  90. dazzle v. 眩目;使赞叹不已> The sunlight dazzles me./ Her dance ~d me.

  91. deduce v. 推断

  92. dedicate v. 献给

  93. defendant n. 被告

  94. deficiency n. 缺乏, 不足 a vitamin ~ in his diet

  95. defy v.(公然) 违抗 The union defied the management and went on a strike.

  96. degenerate v. 退化

  97. degrade v. 降低身份

  98. deprive v. 剥夺 You ~d him of his right to privacy.

  99. descendant n. 后代

  100. destiny n. 命运=fate

  101. destructive a. 破坏性的 The weapon has a great ~ power.

  102. deteriorate v. 恶化 His health has ~d.

  103. deviate from v. 偏离 He ~d from the society by becoming a drug addict.

  104. dignity n. 尊严

  105. dilemma n. 困境 A doctor’s ~ ----- to lie or to tell the truth?

  106. diminish v. 变少

  107. disable v. 丧失能力

  108. disastrous a. 灾难性的

  109. discern v. 看出, 识别 ~ the differences of the two

  110. dispatch v. 派遣;发送> ~ a representative/ message

  111. disperse v. 分散,消散,驱散~ my attention/ The wind ~d the fog. The children ~d after the class.

  112. disposition n. 性情=temperament

  113. distort v. 歪曲

  114. divert v. 转移, 使转向> A loud noise diverted my attention from the work.

  115. dizzy a. 头晕的

  116. donate v. 捐献>Have you ~d blood?

  117. doom v./ n. 注定; 劫数>He is doomed to failure.

  118. drastic a. 严厉的 ~ measures

  119. drawback n. 缺点=disadvantage> One of the ~s of living in the XIASHA is inconvenience in daily life.

  120. duplicate v. /n. 复制 (品) make a ~ of the letter
121. dwell on v. 总是想;详述 Don’t ~ on the past.

  122. elevate v. 提高;抬升 An elevator can ~ to the top floor very soon.

  123. elicit v. 诱出, 引出 ~ the truth from the witness

  124. eligible a. 合适的,有资格的 =qualified >John is an ~ bachelor.

  125. elite n. 精英

  126. eloquent a. 雄辩的 Martin Luther King was an ~ speaker.

  127. energetic a. 精力充沛的=vigorous

  128. epidemic n./a. 流行病; 流行性的Sars, the bird’s flu.

  129. erupt v. 喷发 A volcano ~s. /The audience ~ed with laughter.

  130. essence n. 实质; 精华 the ~ of his theory/ in ~

  131. eternal a. 永久的=perpetual/permanent/forever

  132. evoke v. 唤起,引起 =elicit> The song ~d a feeling of love in the listeners.

  133. expedition n. 远征(队);考察(队)

  134. expel v. 开除,驱逐=dismiss; ~ the trouble-making student排出=emit>expel the smoke in the kitchen

  135. expire v. 期满 Your passport ~s in a month.

  136. expertise n. 专门知识

  137. explicit a. 明确的His statement is ~, not implicit.

  138. extravagant a. 奢侈的; 过度的>You’re ~ while I’m thrifty.

  139. fabricate v. 捏造=make up/fake >The man’s statement is `~d.

  140. facilitate a. 使便利 The multi-languages signs ~ the tourists

  141. fascinate v. 迷住 I’m ~d by the beauty of Li jiang and Da li.

  142. feeble a. 虚弱的=weak/faint

  143. flaw n. 缺陷 I can’t find a ~ , the painting is perfect!

  144. fluctuate n. 波动

  145. formulate v. 构想

  146. foster a. 培养 =develop/nurture/cultivate/领养> ~ a child

  147. fragile a. 易碎的;脆弱的

  148. furious a. 暴怒的

  149. glamour n. 魅力 >The ~ of old town, such as LiJiang, Dali.

  150. glitter v. 闪光 =sparkle >All that ~s is not gold.

  151. gloomy a. 忧郁的;阴暗的 a ~ day/future

  152. gossip n./ v. 流言; 说长道短> Gossips are like rumors.

  153. grief n. 悲伤 =sorrow

  154. hamper v. 妨碍=hinder> Rescue work was hampered by the heavy rain.

  155. handicap n./v. 缺陷,残疾; 妨碍>He survived the accident, but has a ~ now.

  156. haul a. (用力) 拖;(用车)托运

  157. haunt v. 萦绕于心 He was ~ed by the terrible scene.

  158. hinder v. 阻碍 No difficulties can ~ me.

  159. hoist v. 升起, 吊起

  160. homogeneous a. 同质的 >The population of Japan is ~.

161. hospitality n. 好客

  162. immerse v. 沉浸于 She ~d herself in English.

  163. implicit a. 内含的;含蓄的> If it is ~, it is implied.

  164. impulse n. 冲动

  165. incidence a. 发生率

  166. indignant a. 愤怒的

  167. infectious a. 传染的

  168. ingenious a. (人)灵巧的; (设计等)巧妙的 ~ handicraftsman

  169. inherent a. 固有的 the ~ defects of planned-economy

  170. initiate v. 开始;发起 ~ a new plan

  171. integral a. 构成整体所必须的;不可缺的 Rice is an ~ part of Chinese diet.

  172. intelligible a. 明白易懂的

  173. intensify v. 加剧 The noise intensified.

  174. intermittent a. 断断续续 the ~ rain showers

  175. intimidate v. 恐吓

  176. intricate a. 错综复杂的

  177. intrinsic a. 固有的 ~ value

  178. intuition n. 直觉 Your ~ is your sixth sense.

  179. invalid a. 无效的 an ~ license

  180. invariably ad. 不变地; 始终

  181. irritate v. 使恼怒 =annoy

  182. jeopardize v. 危及=endanger>You ~ your job by being late often.

  183. junk n. 废物 ~ food

  184. kidnap v. 绑架

  185. legend n. 传奇

  186. legitimate a. 合法的 =legal/lawful

  187. liability n. 责任;=legal obligation不利条件=drawback

  188. literacy n. 读写能力

  189. literally ad. 逐字地; 确实地

  190. litter v. 乱扔 No littering!

  191. magnify v. 放大,扩大> ~ the photo

  192. manifest v. 显示,表明The illness ~s itself with a high fever.

  193. marginal a. 微小的

  194. masculine a. 男性的

  195. mediate v. 调解 He ~d in a salary dispute between the union and the management.

  196. merge a. 合并

  197. migrate v. 迁徙; 移居> Birds migrate with seasons

  198. mingle v 混合

  199. mobilize v. 动员

  200. naïve a. 天真的=innocent

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