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  1) This is the first time that I heard _______________(用意大利语唱“祝你生日快乐”).

  2) The cars _______________(停在消防通道的) will be ticketed.

  3) The war went on for years, _______________(夺去了成千上万人的生命).

  4) The farmers used a new insecticide, thus _______________(将平均产量提高了15%).

  5) Einstein watched the toy in delight, _______________(想推导出它的运转原理).

  6) _______________(看到大家都在聚精会神地看书), we stopped talking and began to study.

  7) _______________(被这个男孩的事迹深深打动了), they decided to pay for his education.

  8) _______________(从一个年轻朋友的眼光来看), Einstein was a simple, modest and ordinary man.

  9) _______________(好久没有收到父母的来信了), he was worried about them.


  1) _______________(每天洗冷水澡) does him a lot of good.

  2) They tried to avoid _______________(让女儿做她不喜欢的事情).

  3) Developing varieties is the key to _______________(使我们的产品进入国际市场).

  4) It is no use _______________(为洒了的牛奶而哭泣).

  5) He denied_______________(偷看了同桌的试卷).

  6) We congratulated her on _______________(被提升为经理).


  1) Success means _______________(非常努力地工作).

  2) John meant _______________(开车去那儿,但他的车出了故障).

  3) I heard him _______________(在跟他的母亲谈话).

  4) I heard him _______________(跟他的母亲谈了一个小时).

  5) He jumped into the pool to save the child _______________(结果却摔断了自己的腿).

  6) He jumped from the burning house, _______________(摔断了双腿).

  7) He was happy _______________(看到父母很健康).

  8) _______________(看到父母安然无恙), he issued a sigh of relief.

  9) _______________(跟随着它的脚印), the zoologists spotted the hungry panda.

  10) The pop, _______________(后面跟着两个保镖), came to meet his fans.


  1) _______________(他们为什么离开家乡去云南) is still a secret.

  2) _______________(最让我不解的) was that he spoke English so well.

  3) _______________(这么做是故意的) became obvious.

  4) It is not clear yet _______________(谁应该为这件事负责).

  5) It is none of your business _______________(玛丽与谁订婚).

  6) Don’t put off till tomorrow _______________(今天能做的事).

  7) This novel is just _______________(我一直在寻找的).

  8) It is not yet known _______________(机器人是否有一天能拥有象人一样的视力).

  9) _______________(她是否喜欢那个礼物) is not clear to me.

  10) My main problem right now is _______________(我是否应该请求另一笔贷款).

  11) It all depends on _______________(他们是否会支持我们).

  12) You have yet to answer my question _______________(我是否可以指望你的投票).

  13) Finally, the workers got an answer _______________(政府做不了什么事来提高他们工资).

  14) Obviously, there was little certainty _______________(主席会同意他的提议).


  1) Everyday many tourists come to visit _______________(鲁迅出生的那栋房子).

  2) The old lady died _______________(在她儿子到达的那天).

  3) This is _______________(我赞成这一改革的理由).

  4) Let ABC be _______________(一个三边不等长的三角形).

  5) Some of the roads were flooded, _______________(这使我们的旅程更为艰难).

  6) He introduced me to his students, _______________(他们大部分是英语专业的学生).

  7) _______________(众所周知), water is a liquid.


  1) _______________(不管我们谈论什么), Jim brings polities into the discussion.

  2) _______________(不管哪一方获胜), I shall be satisfied.

  3) _______________(不管观众中的一些人如何使劲地难为他), the comedian always had a quick, sharp reply.

  4) We climbed high _______________(这样我们就可以看到更好的风景).

  5) The problem so very complicated _______________(花了我们两个周才解决).

  6) You can go out _______________(只要你答应晚上11点以前回来).

  7) I remember the whole thing _______________(仿佛是昨天发生的).


  1) Does she dance _______________(跟她姐姐一样地优美)?

  2) The buildings look _______________(在伦敦比在这儿难看得多).

  3) This is _______________(他画的最好的画之一).

  4) The higher you climb, _______________(空气就越稀薄).


  1) Scarcely had she fallen asleep _______________(一阵敲门声就把她吵醒).

  2) No sooner had Anne arrived _______________(就生病了).

  3) The husband was not hospitable to the visitor. _______________(他妻子也没说一句欢迎的话).

  4) Only then _______________(那个医生才意识到他的病人需要手术).

  5) Only when you adjust down your price _______________(我们才能做成这笔买卖).


  1) _______________(正是Jefferson写下了)the Declaration of Independence.

  2) _______________(作者是带着真挚的情感)praises all that is progressive.

  3) _______________(正是因为水涨了)we could not cross the river.

  4) _______________(人们听见正是Jim 这个无情的家伙) shouting at his mother in the dead of night.

  5) _______________(直到我告诉她) Mrs. Williams knew anything about it.


  1) “Happy birthday to you” sung in Italian


  (catch, discover, feel, find, get, have, hear, keep, leave, make, notice, see, watch等动词常用分词形式作宾语补语)

  2) parked in the fire lane


  3) killing thousands upon thousands of people


  4) raising the average yield by 15 percent


  5) trying to deduce its operating principle


  6) Seeing that everyone was bending over his/her book


  7) Deeply moved by the boy’s deeds


  8) Seen from the eyes of a young friend


  9) Not having heard from his parents for a long time

  (考点:1. 分词作原因状语;2.分词的否定形式;3.现在分词的完成式)


  1) Taking a cold bath every day


  2) making their daughter do what she didn’t like to do


  (下列动词后的宾语只能是动名词而不能是不定式:admit, advise, allow, anticipate, appreciate, avoid, delay, deny, dislike, dread, encourage, enjoy, escape, excuse, fancy, finish, can’t help, imagine, keep, mind, miss, permit, postpone, practice, prevent, propose, recall, recollect, resent, resist, risk, can’t stand, stop, suggest)

  3) getting our goods into the international market


  4) crying over spilled milk

  (考点:动名词用于固定结构。动名词经常与以下词组连用:be worth, have difficulty (in), it be no good/use/worthwhile, there be no need/no point in, how/what about, what’s the point of, what’s the use of)

  5) having peeked at his neighbor’s test paper


  6) being promoted to manager



  1) working very hard.


  2) to drive there, but his car broke down


  (类似需要区别的动词还有forget, remember, regret, go on, stop等)

  3) talking to his mother


  4) talk to his mother for an hour


  5) only to break his own leg


  6) breaking his legs


  7) to see his parents in good health


  8) Seeing his parents safe and sound


  9) Following its footprints


  10) followed by two body guards



  1) Why they left their hometown for Yunnan


  2) What confused me most


  3) That this was done on purpose


  4) who should be responsible for this matter


  5) whom Mary is engaged to


  6) what can be done today


  7) what I have been looking for


8) whether/if robots will one day have vision as good as human vision


  9) Whether she likes the present


  10) whether I should ask for another loan


  11) whether they will support us


  12) whether I can count on your vote



  13) that the Government could do nothing to raise their wages


  14) that the chairman would agree to this proposal



  1) the house where Lu Xun was born


  2) on the day when his son arrived


  3) the reason why I am in favor of this reform


  4) a triangle whose three sides are of unequal length


  5) which made our journey more difficult


  6) most of whom were English majors


  7) As is known to all

  (考点:as 引导的定语从句)


  1) Whatever we talk about


  2) Whichever side wins


  3) However hard some people in the audience tried to upset him


  4) so that we might get a better view


  5) that it took us nearly two weeks to solve it


  6) as long as you promise to be back before 11 at night


  7) as if it happened yesterday



  1) as gracefully as her sister


  2) far uglier in London than here


  3) one of the best pictures that he has ever painted


  4) the thinner the air becomes



  1) when a knock at the door awakened her


  2) than she fell ill

  (考点:No sooner…than…结构)

  3) Nor did the wife say a word of welcome.


  4) did the doctor realize that his patient needed surgery


  5) can we conclude the business



  1) It was Jefferson who wrote


  2) It is with genuine feeling that the author(考点:强调状语)

  3) It was because the water had risen that(考点:强调状语从句)

  4) It was Jim, the heartless fellow, who was heard(考点:强调主语)

  5) It was not until I told her that(考点:强调状语从句)

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