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2天记住4000单词的秘密... 点击进入!!

  1) Force N1 _______________(比力N2大2.5倍).

  2) This substance _______________(反应速度是另外那种物质的三倍).

  3) The earth _______________(是月球大小的49倍).

  4) The landlord _______________(想将租金提高三分之一).

  5) They _______________(计划将投资增加一倍).


  1) Be quick, _______________(否则等我们到达教


  2) When she got home, _______________(孩子们已经睡着了).

  3) When I prepare for the college entrance examination, _______________(我姐姐将在海边度假).

  4) I_______________(一上午都在修改我的简历).

  5) Do you often go on holiday? _______________(不,我已经有五年没有度假了).

  6) He joined the army in October, 2001. _______________(他参军已五年了).


  1) The blackboard and chalk _______________(正在被电脑和投影机所取代).

  2) The book _______________(到今年年底就将已出版).

  3) Computer models _______________(可以用来演示细胞工作的方式).

  4) When the bill of fare was brought, _______________(我惊呆了,价格大大超出了我的预料).

  5) _______________(必须立即采取有效措施)to eliminate sandy storms.


  1) The phone is ringing, _______________(但是没人接听。她一定不在家).

  2) I can’t find my sunglasses. _______________(我可能昨天落在咖啡店里了).

  3) You screamed in your sleep last night. _______________(你一定梦见什么可怕的东西了).

  4) It’s a pity. _______________(你本应该邀请她来参加你的毕业典礼的).

  5) _______________(其实我没必要穿上我最好的套装去参加那次聚会的); most of the guests were wearing jeans and sweaters.


  1) I wish _______________(我年轻的时候有你们这样的机会).

  2) If only _______________(他知道这病是可以治好的)! Then he would not have killed himself.

  3) —— Would you like him to paint your door with yellow stars?

  —— I’d rather he _______________(漆成蓝色的,而且不带任何装饰).

  4) It’s high time that _______________(采取措施解决交通堵塞的问题).

  5) Hugh usually talks _______________(仿佛在大会上发表演说似的).

  6) We insist that _______________(让杰克立刻进医院).

  7) It was advised that _______________(在居民区设立更多的流动商店).

  8) His proposal was that _______________(他们成立一个专门委员会来检查这个问题).

  9) We are going to discuss his suggestion that _______________(取消期中考试).

  10) It is ridiculous that _______________(我们在一个总是下雨的国家还缺水).

  11) It is essential that _______________(每个人都为紧急情况做好准备).

  12) _______________(如果他按照我告诉他的办法订票), we would have had quite a comfortable journey.


  1) is 2.5 times greater than Force N2

  (考点:倍数 + 形容词/副词比较级 + than)

  2) reacts three times as fast as the other one

  (考点:倍数 + as + 形容词/副词 + as)

  3) is 49 times the size of the moon

  (考点:倍数 + 名词)

  4) wants to raise the rent by a third

  (考点:动词 + by + 数词/百分比/倍数)

  5) plan to double their investment

  (考点:double + 名词)


  1) or the wedding will have finished by the time we get to the church


  2) the children had fallen asleep


  3) my sister will be taking her vacation at the seaside


  4) have been revising my resume all the morning


  5) No. It has been five years since I went on holiday

  (考点:It has been … since sb. did sth. 表示某人有多长时间没有做某事了)

  6) He has been in the army for 5 years

  (考点:1. 现在完成时;2.要用持续性动词才能接一段时间)


  1) is being replaced by the computer and the projector


  2) will have been published by the end of this year


  3) can be used to demonstrate the way that cells work

  (考点:1. 被动语态与情态动词联用; 2. 汉语有些没有“被”字等标志词的句子也表示被动, 要译成英语的被动语态)

  4) I was startled, for the prices were a great deal higher than I had anticipated


  5) Effective measures must be taken immediately



  1) but there is no answer. She can’t be at home

  (考点:情态动词可以表示可能性,can’t 表示“一定不”)

  2) I may have left them in the coffee shop yesterday

  (考点:“情态动词can/could, may/might, must + 完成式”用于表示对过去发生的动作的主观判断)

  3) You must have dreamed of something terrible


  4) You should have invited her to your graduation ceremony

  (考点:“情态动词should/ought to + have done” 用于评论过去应该做而实际并未做的动作,含有批评的意思)

  5) I needn’t have put on my best suit to go to the party

  (考点:“情态动词needn’t + have + done”表示对过去发生的动作进行评论,认为“无须发生”,“不必做”)


  1) I had had your opportunities when I was young

  (考点:I wish后的that从句中用过去完成式表示过去没有实现或不可能实现的愿望)

  2) he had known this disease is curable

  (考点:If only 引导的感叹句表示“但愿”或“要是……就好了”,用法与 I wish…基本相同)

  3) painted it blue, and without any decorations

  (考点:would rather 后的that从句中用过去式表示不是事实)

  4) measures were taken to solve the problem of traffic jams

  (考点:It’s (about/high) time 后的that从句中用过去式,表示“该是……的时候了”)

  5) as though he were delivering a speech at an assembly

  (考点:as if / as though引导的从句中用过去式表示和现在事实相反或对现在情况有所怀疑)

  6) Jack (should) be sent to hospital right now

  (考点:表示“建议、命令、要求、想法”的动词所接的宾语从句通常用“(that) sb. (should) do”的虚拟形式)

  7) more mobile shops (should) be set up in the residential area

  (考点:表示“建议、命令、要求、想法”的动词所接的主语从句通常用“(that) sb. (should) do”的虚拟形式)

  8) they (should) set up a special board/committee to examine this problem

  (考点:表示“建议、命令、要求、想法”的名词所接的表语从句通常用“(that) sb. (should) do”的虚拟形式)

  9) the mid-term exams (should) be canceled

  (考点:表示“建议、命令、要求、想法”的名词所接的同位语从句通常用“(that) sb. (should) do”的虚拟形式)

  [表示“建议、命令、要求、想法”的动词及其名词常见的有:advise (advice), agree (agreement), decide (decision), decree, demand, determine (determination), grant, indicate (indication), insist (insistence), order, prefer (preference), propose (proposal), request, require (requirement), resolve (resolution), stipulate (stipulation), suggest(suggestion), urge, vote;常见的这类动词还有:allow, arrange, ask, beg, concede, demonstrate, ensure, intend, move, pledge, pray等]

  10) we (should) be short of water in a country where it is always raining

  (考点:在It is/was +形容词后的that从句中常用“sb. should do”的形式表示建议惊奇等。这类形容词常见的有:advisable, anxious, appropriate, compulsory, crucial, desirable, eager, essential, fitting, imperative, important, impossible, improper, natural, necessary, obligatory, preferable, proper, urgent, vital, willing等)

  11) everyone (should) be prepared for emergency


  12) If he had booked tickets in the way I told him


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