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2天记住4000单词的秘密... 点击进入!!


offend v.使...恼火;冒犯, 触犯
Don't be offended I am just fooling around. ;别恼火,我只是在开玩笑.
People who are too straightforward in speech easily offend others. ;说话太直率的人很容易冒犯他人.

impress vt.给人留下印象, 引人注目; (~on)印,盖印
Premier Zhu Rongji always impressed the journalists at every news conference ;朱容基总理在每次记者招待会上给记者们留下深刻印象
with his eloquence and wit. ;以能言善辩且才思敏捷、言语诙谐.
(Journalists were always impressed by Premier Zhu's eloquence and wit ;朱容基总理以能言善辩且才思敏捷、言语诙谐 给记者们留下深刻印象 at every news conference.) ;在每次记者招待会上

impression n.印象;印记,压痕
Vivian Leigh's excellent acting in the motion picture Gone With The Wind ;费雯丽在电影《乱世佳人》 (《飘》)中
has made an indelible impression on movie fans all over the world. ;出色的表演给全球影迷留下了不可磨灭的印象.

impressive a.印象深刻的,感人的
"The Gettysburg Address",Abraham Lincoln's most impressive speech, ;《葛底斯堡演说》是林肯最感人肺腑的演说,
concisely expressed many of the ideals and principles of democracy. ;它简明地阐述了民主的理想和原则.

bother v.烦扰,打扰,烦恼, n.麻烦
I hate to bother you but could you help me scratch my back again? ;我不想烦你的,可是你能再帮我抓一下背上的痒吗?
What a bother! ;你真烦!
No,not me. It's the fleas. ;不,不是我烦,是跳蚤.

interfere vi.(~ with)妨碍, 打扰; (~ in)干涉,干预
It's impolite to call people in the middle of the night ;三更半夜打电话给人家是不礼貌的,
because you interfere with their sleep. ;因为你扰人清梦.
The U.S. is often accused of ;美国经常被指责
interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. ;干涉他国内政.

range v.在...范围内变化; 排列成行;徘徊 n.组合,系列;范围,领域 山脉
The temperature in Kunming usually ranges between 15C and 25C, ;昆明的气温通常在15 到25摄氏度之间,
that's why it is called "the Spring City". ;所以被称为“春城”.
I have a wide range of interests. ;我有广泛的兴趣爱好.
The Alps are long stretches of mountain ranges ;阿尔卑斯山是延绵的山脉,
mostly located in Switzerland,France, and Italy. ;主要位于瑞士、法国、意大利.

differ vi.(~ from)和...不同 (~ with/from) 与...意见不同
Human differ from animals because of their ability to speak and use tools. ;人类和其他动物不同, 在于他会说话和会使用工具.
I am afraid I differ from you in this matter. ;在这件事情上我恐怕与你意见不同.

difference n.差异,分歧
Both Bill Gates and Richard Lee are tycoons in the IT industry, ;比尔.盖茨和李泽楷是信息技术产业巨头
although neither of them finished college. ;虽都没完成大学学业
However,this does not mean that higher education does not make a difference. ;然而,这不等于说高等教育并不重要.

separate v.(使)分离,分开;分居 a.分离的,分开的; 不同的
Theory should by no means be separated from practice. ;理论绝不应脱离实际.

take v.拿,带;做某动作; 采取,接受; 需要;认为
How can you make progress if you can't take criticism? ;要是承受不住批评, 你怎能进步呢?
What does it take to become a TV host/ hostess? ;要当电视节目主持人需要具备什么条件?
I will take up journalism after graduation. ;毕业后我将从事新闻工作.

bare a.空的,赤裸的, 光秃的,稀少的 vt.露出,暴露
There's nothing to be surprised at ;没什么好大惊小怪的
if you see some boys playing basketball bare to the waist. ;看见一些男孩子裸露着上身打篮球.

vacant a.空的,未被占用的
It's hard to find a vacant post with such a high unemployment rate nowadays. ;现在失业率那么高, 很难找到空职位.
Is the lavatory vacant? ;厕所没有人用吧?

hollow a.空的,中空的, 空洞的;空虚的 v.挖空,凿空
The trunk of a palm tree is hollow. ;棕榈树的树干是中空的.
Some people think that playing cards seems a hollow pleasure. ;有人认为打牌是一种无聊的消遣.

blank a.空白的,空着的; 失色的,无表情的 n.空格;表格
My mind was a complete blank when I had to fill in the blanks on the test paper. ;当我得在试卷上填空的时候,脑子却完全一片空白.

relate vt.叙述,讲述; 使互相关联; vi.(~to)和...有关; 与...和睦相处
In court,a witness must honestly relate what has been seen. ;法庭上,目击者必须如实讲述所目睹的一切.
Freudianism relates what happened in one's childhood to his present state of mind. ;弗洛伊德精神分析学说把一个人童年发生的事和他目前的思想状况联系起来
Happiness does not always relate to wealth. ;幸福不总与财富相关.   

as prep.作为,当作 ad.同样地 conj.在...的同时, 如同...那样,以..方式
As for your department's plan, you can change it as you wish. ;至于你们部门的计划, 你愿意怎么改就怎么改吧.

relation n.联系;亲属
Researches show there is a relation between smoking and lung cancer. ;研究表明肺癌和吸烟有关.
Friendly relations between two countries are based on ;两国间的友好关系建立在
mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. ;对主权和领土完整互相尊重的基础上.

owing to prep.由于,因为
Owing to the blizzards,our trip to Inner Mongolia was cancelled. ;由于有大风雪,我们取消了去内蒙古的行程.

regard n.关心,注意;敬重; [p (~s)问候, v.(~ as)把...看作; 重视,注意,留意;考虑
A self-centered person shows little regard for the feelings of others. ;自我为中心的人几乎不顾及别人的感情.
Please give my regards to your father. ;请代我问候令尊.
Bach is regarded as the Father of Music. ;巴赫被视为“音乐之父”.

idle a.空闲的;懒散的; 无用,无效 vt.虚度 vi.懒散,闲逛
Many people were idle during the depression. ;在萧条时期, 很多人都无事可做.
Don't idle away your youth! ;不要虚度青春年华!
Every Saturday I idle my time going to movies. ;每个星期六我都把时间消磨在看电影上.
An idle person may like to idle away the hours surfing the Internet. ;无所事事的人可能会喜欢把时间耗费在网络冲浪上.

indifferent a.冷淡,不关心
How can you be indifferent to the sufferings of people who are starving? ;你对忍饥挨饿的人所受的苦难怎么能漠不关心?

inevitable a.不可避免的, 必然要发生的
Death is inevitable, which is why we should value and love life. ;人必有一死,所以我们要珍惜和热爱生命.

poverty n.贫穷,贫困
In some rural areas, ;在一些农村地区
people live in poverty because of the poverty of the soil. ;因为土壤贫瘠而过着贫穷的生活.

vigorous a.精力充沛的, 强壮的;有力的
The best way to keep ourselves in shape is to do some vigorous exercise every day. ;保持好身材最好的办法就是每天进行健体强身的运动.

basket n.篮子,篓
Women of some minorities ;一些少数民族的女子
carry their child in bamboo baskets on their backs. ;用背上的竹篓来背孩子.

lazy a.懒散的,懒惰的
I'm not a lazy bone; Saturday is my only day to relax. ;我不是个懒鬼. 星期六是我惟一的闲散的日子.

alike a.相同的,想像的 (只作表语用)
Twins don't necessarily look alike. ;双胞胎的相貌不一定相像.

battery n.电池(组); 炮兵连,炮组
Cell phones use rechargeable batteries. ;手机用充电池工作.

bargain n.廉价货;(买卖双方的) 交易,协议 vt.&vi.议价,讨价还价
Twenty for a Giordano coat? What a bargain! ;二十块一件佐丹奴大衣?真便宜!
What a waste of time to bargain for everything! ;买什么都要讨价还价, 多浪费时间.

store;储存;仓库 vt. & vi.存储, 储藏,储备
Small articles of daily use ;小件日用品
are usually sold cheaper in convenience stores than in big department stores. ;便利店比大百货商店卖得便宜.
A computer can store and remember a great deal of information. ;计算机能储存并记忆大量的信息.

reserve vt.保留,保存;预定 n.储备(物);保留, (言语,行为)拘谨,矜持; 自然保护区
All rights reserved. ;版权所有.
You had better reserve your comment before you are clear about everything. ;在弄清一切之前, 最好保留(不要发表) 你的评论.
If you are not on a package tour during the peak tourist time, ;如果说在旅游高峰期不参加旅行团,
you must reserve tickets and hotel rooms before you go. ;你就必须在出发前预定好票和旅馆房间.
Foreign exchange reserves jumped. ;外汇储备大幅度增长.
A reserved man seldom shows his emotions. ;沉默寡言的人难得表露情感.
The national parks in the U.S. ;美国的国家公园
are at the same time nature reserves for wild plants and animals. ;同时就是野生动植物的自然保护区.?

supply vt. & vi.提供,供应 n.供应(量)
Factories and companies that don't supply the market with new products ;不向市场提供新产品的厂商
will be eliminated sooner or later. ;迟早会被淘汰.
Japan is dependent upon other countries for their material supply. ;日本在原料供应方面要依靠别的国家.

provision n.提供,供应;准备, n.安排;条款,规定 [p给养,口粮
Provision of shelter was the Red Cross's main concern for the disaster victims. ;为灾民提供避难处是红十字会的主要工作.
Those who spend all their money ;那些把钱都花光
and make no provision for the future are short-sighted. ;那些把钱都花光而不为未来做任何准备的人是目光短浅的.


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