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reveal vt.揭露,泄露; 展现,显示
A study revealed that the average person ;一项研究显示,一般人
had a 20 percent higher chance of having a heart attack ;心脏病发作的可能性高 20%,
on a Monday than on any other day. ;在星期一比在一周中的其他时候.

revise vt.修改,修订;复习 vi.复习
Before the WTO entry China was willing to revise trade-related laws. ;中国在加入世贸前愿意修订有关贸易的法律条例.
Students who don't take notes in class ;平时在课堂上不做笔记的学生
often revise the notes photocopied from others' for the exam. ;通常会复习从别人那里复印来的笔记以应付考试.

reverse n.相反情况;反面,背面 挫折,逆境 a.相反的,倒转的
reverse vt.推翻;使位置颠倒, 使倒转 vi.反向
Children's clothes aren't cheap -- just the reverse. ;小孩的衣服并不便宜--恰恰相反(更贵).
We suffered some serious financial reverses last year. ;去年我们在财务上受到一些严重的挫折.
Writing is reversed in a mirror. ;写出来的字在镜子里是倒着的.

suppose vt.认为,猜想;(用于祈 使句)让,假设; (常用于被动语态) 期望,认为应该
Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps. ;科学家们猜想大型恐龙栖居于沼泽地中.
Suppose we go for a walk? ;想去散步吗?
If you are studying when you're supposed to sleep ;如果你在该睡觉的时候学习,
and sleeping when you're supposed to work, ;该学习的时候睡觉的话,
it will be difficult for you to get along well with other roommates. ;你很难和别的室友相处得好.

consider vi.考虑,细想 vt.考虑,细想; 认为,把…看作; 体谅,关心
The Saudi interior minister said ;沙特阿拉伯内政大臣说
his government was not considerring allowing women to drive. ;该国不会考虑允许妇女开车的可能性.
In Britain,they emphasize being independent so much ;在英国,人们非常看重独立
that they consider it a shame to ask for help ;以至他们会认为叫别人帮忙是一种羞辱,
if they could manage it by themselves. ;假如他们自己能把事情办妥的话.
We must consider the feelings of other people. ;我们必须顾及他人的感情.

bring vt.带来,拿来;把…引来 促使,劝使;使发生 使处于某种状态
What brings you here today? ;今天是什么风把你吹来了?
What brought about the war between Iran and Iraq? ;是什么引起了两伊战争?

adopt vt.采用,采纳; 正式通过;收养
Some foreigners are now adopting orphan Chinese babies. ;一些外国人在收养中国的孤儿.
New York was the first United States city to adopt zoning laws. ;纽约是美国第一个制定分区法律的都市.

raise n.(工资、薪金的)提升、 增加,举起,提高,提升 增加;饲养,养育 vt.引起;提出
Educational reforms should focus on raising the quality of education. ;教育改革的重点应放在提高教育质量方面.
Children raised in the countryside can stand up to hard work. ;农村长大的孩子能吃苦.

promote vt.促进,发扬;提升, 提拔;宣传,推销
A sound forest economy ;健全的林业经济
promotes the prosperity of agriculture and rural life. ;能促进农业和农村生活的繁荣.
We look down upon those ;我们看不起那些
who are promoted by virtue of flattering their superiors. ;靠奉承上级而被提升的人.
Valentine's Day now ;情人节现在
has become a good chance for stores to promote the sales of their goods. ;成了商店推销商品的好时机.

increase v.增加,增长,增强 n.增加,增长,增强
The population of china ;中国人口
has increased from 1 billion a few years ago to 1.2 billion now. ;从几年前的10亿增加到现在的12亿.
An increase in the population makes birth control necessary. ;人口的增长使节制生育成为必要.

level n.弄平,水平,等级; 高度,水平面a.平的, 水平的;平衡的,冷静的 (使)变平坦、弄平
Mount Everest,the highest peak in the world, ;珠穆朗玛峰是世界第一高峰,
is 8,848 meters above sea level. ;海拔8848米.
The goal of education ;教育的目标
is to raise the cultural and scientific level of the whole nation. ;是要提高全民的文化科学水平.
We should learn to keep a level head in an emergency. ;在紧急情况, 我们应学会保持头脑冷静.

quantity n.量,数量
Quantity is more important than quantity. ;质量比数量重要.

scold vt.责骂,训斥
Don't scold so much. ;别老是骂人.
Students are often scolded for being lazy. ;学生经常因懒惰而受斥责.

accuse vt.指控,控告,指责
Zhang Jun,the man know as "Public Enemy No.1" was sentenced to death. ;有“公众头号敌人”之称的张君被判处死刑,
His gang had been accused of killing 28 people. ;其犯罪团伙因杀害28 人而受到指控.

punish vt.惩罚,处罚
Perpetrators will eventually be severely punished by law. ;犯罪分子终归会受到法律的严惩.

view n.观点;景色;观察, 眼界 vt.看待;观察,看
The first fossil dinosaur to be found by scientists ;科学家发现第一具
with an intact body covering has feathers from head to tail, ;外部完好无缺的恐龙化石的躯体从头到尾都有羽毛,
strengthening the view that modern birds evolved from dinosaurs. ;这巩固了现代鸟类是由恐龙进化验室而来的观点.
In view of the high cost of his appearance ;鉴于汤姆.克鲁斯高昂的出场费,
the organizers struck ;组织者
Tom Cruise off the guest list for a film awarding ceremony in Hong Kong. ;把他的名字从香港一个电影颁奖礼嘉宾的名单上删掉了.
What are your views on globalization? (How do you view globalization?) ;你对全球化有何高见?

strike vt.打,敲;使突然想到; 给…以深刻印象 vi.打,击;罢工;报时 n.罢工;袭击
How did the Horticulture Expo in Kunming strike you? ;你觉得昆明的世博会搞得怎样(你的印象如何)?
Men of letters like to strike at each other. ;文人喜欢互相攻击.

stand n.台,座,立场 vi.站立;坐落;坚持, 维持不变 vt.经受,忍受
Tall poplar trees stand on both sides of many roads in Beijing. ;在北京,很多马路的两旁都种着高大的杨树.
Even our merciful God can't stand him striking in all the time. ;他不断地插嘴,简直令我们仁慈的上帝也难以容忍.

gap n.间隙,缺口
By generation gap we mean that young people and old people ;我们所说的代沟是指年轻人和老人
have misunderstandings of each other and that both generations have diffrent ;相互之间的误解及两代人各自所持的不同的
or even clashing values. ;甚至是互相冲突的价值观.

rate n.速率,比率;价格;费用 vt.估价;评价;评级 vi.被评价,责骂
The rise in divorce rate and the fall in birth rate ;离婚率的上升和人口出生率的下降
reflect changing social values in Europe. ;反映了欧洲社会 价值观的变化.
Madonna is highly rated as a performing artist but not as a person. ;作为一位艺人,人们对麦当娜的评价很高, 但对其为人则不然.

interval n.间隔,间歇; (幕间或工间)休息
In between parts of a play,there is often an interval. ;在一出剧的两部分中间, 常有幕间休息.
Trains leave the station at short intervals. ;一列列火车不时地驶出车站.

equivalent a.相等的,相当的, 等价的 n.相等物,等价物, 意义相同的词
What is one French franc equivalent to in RMB? ;1 法郎相当于多少人民币?
Is there an English word that is the exact equivalent of the Chinese word "刮痧"?;在英语中有和汉语“刮痧”完全对等的词吗?

uniform n.制服,军服 a.相同的,一律的, 清一色的
I have seen few fashionable uniforms. ;我几乎没有看见过时髦的制服.
The onstage ballerinas are seemingly of the uniform height. ;台上演出的芭蕾舞演员似乎都一样高.

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