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tedious a.沉闷的,乏味的; 冗长的
Cleaning the house can be quite a tedious task. ;打扫房子会是挺单调乏味的事情.

flat a.平的,扁平的; 单调的,乏味的 ad.平直地;直截了当的 n.公寓的套房
A flat roof has poor drainage. ;平的屋顶排水差.
It's more expensive to buy or rent a downtown flat. ;市中心的公寓不管是买还是租都是最贵的

harsh a.粗糙的而使人不舒服 的,刺激人感官的; 严酷的,无情的
"All hard rock music is harsh to the ear and all rock singers are harsh to the eye!" ;“所有硬摇滚音乐都是刺耳的噪音!所有摇滚歌手都是些刺眼的家伙!
said grandpa in a harsh voice. ;爷爷用刺耳的声音说:

hang vt.悬挂,吊,吊死,绞死 vi.悬挂,吊着,垂下
Hang on to your present job until you can get a better one. ;在你没有找到更好的工作之前不要放弃目前的工作.
We used to see many unemployed migrant workers ;过去,我们经常看见很多无业民工
hanging about at the railway stations in some southern cities. ;在南方一些城市的火车站附近徘徊.

arouse vt.引起,激起,唤起; 唤醒
Actually,in a bullfight, ;事实上,在斗牛中,
it is the movement,not the color,of object that arouses the bull. ;刺激公牛的是物体的运动,而不是颜色.

arise vi.产生,出现,发生
A new conflict has arisen before the old one is resolved. ;旧的冲突还没解决, 新的冲突又出现了.
Accidents usually arise from carelessness. ;事故的发生往往由疏忽大意而引起.

rise n.上涨,升高;兴起;高地 vi.升起,上升;起立, 起床;上涨,增高; 起义,反抗
The unemployment rate in the US rose to 4.5% in April from 4.3% in March ;四月份,美国的失业率由3月份的4.3%上升至 4.5%
due to its economic slowdown. ;由于经济减速.
The fake and shoddy goods gave rise to the consumers' complaints. ;假冒伪劣商品引起了消费者的投诉.

wreck vt.(船等)失事,遇难; 破坏,毁坏
The large ocean liner, Titanic,was wrecked by its collision with an iceberg ;泰坦尼克号巨轮因撞上冰山而失事

wreck n.失事船(或飞机), 残骸;失事; 精神或身体跨掉的人
on its virgin journey from Southampton to New York. ;在它从南安普顿到纽约的首次航行中.
Those who survived the ship wreck of the Titanic were certainly lucky. ;那些经历泰坦尼克号海难仍生还的人无疑是幸运的.

spoil n.[p战利品,赃物 vt.损坏,破坏,宠坏; 溺爱 vi.(食物)变质
A quarrel during the dinner will spoil everyone's appetite. ;吃饭时争吵会破坏每个人的胃口.
Ice can be used to keep food from spoiling. ;冰可用来保持食物不致变坏.
Some parents spoil their children by giving them too much money. ;一些父母给孩子太多的钱,就这样把孩子给宠坏了.

tear n.眼泪;破洞,裂口 vt.撕,撕裂;夺走,撕掉 vi.撕,被撕破;飞跑,疾驰
Yugoslavia is torn apart by civil war. ;南斯拉夫被内战弄得四分五裂.
Nylon stockings tear easily when they are caught on a nail. ;尼龙袜被钉子钩住时很容易被撕破.

injure vt.损害,损伤,伤害
Two simultaneous ;同时发生的两起
explosions have injure -d at least 37 people in a Manila mall in the Philippines. ;爆炸事件在菲律宾首都马尼拉的一家商场已造成至少37人受伤.

temper n.脾气,性情;韧度 vt.调和,使缓和
Losing your temper often will add lines to your face. ;经常发脾气会给你的脸增添皱纹的.

mind n.头脑,心神;智力; 想法;记忆(力) vt.注意,留心;介意;照料 vi.介意
Do you have a clear mind about what you are doing right now? ;你心里很清楚自己正在干什么吗?
Wide-ranging reading broadens our mind. ;博览群书扩大我们的知识面.
He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick. ;[欲加之罪, 何患无辞.
Mind your head! ;当心(别碰着)你的头!
Do you mind my/me smoking here?(Do you mind if I smoke here? /Mind if I smoke here? ;我在这吸烟你介意吗?
Would you mind not smoking? ;请不要吸烟好吗?

passion n.激情,热情;酷爱
Celine Dion's singing is always filled with passion, ;席琳.迪翁的演唱总是充满激情
and her song "My Heart Will Go On" is a good example. ;她那首《我心永恒》就是典型的例子.
crash vi.碰撞,队落;发出 撞击或爆裂声;垮台,破产 vt.撞击;冲,闯 n.碰撞,坠毁,破裂声
It's very unlikely that an asteroid will crash into Earth but the danger exists. ;小行星撞地球的可能性很小,但依然存在这样的危险.

pollute vt.污染,弄脏;腐蚀
I'm amazed that the fish can still live in such polluted water, ;我很惊讶,在污染到这和程度的水里鱼竟然还能活,
but I wonder if the fish is edible. ;但不知道,这样的鱼能给人吃吗?

stain n.污染,污迹,瑕疵 vt.沾污,染色
The ink staid my shirt black.How can I get the ink stain out of my white shirt? ;墨水把我的衬衫染上了黑色污迹,如何能弄掉白衬衣上的墨水污迹呢?

ready a.准备好的,现成的; 乐意的;动辄…的, 立即的
Ready,set,go! ;各就位,预备,跑!
Don't be so ready to lose your temper.You are prettier when you smile. ;不要动辄发脾气. 你笑起来来会更漂亮.

approach v.靠近,接近 n.接近,靠近;途径; 方式,方法
Few writers can approach Shakespeare in talent. ;很少作家在才华方面可与莎士比亚媲美.
As the CET Band-4 approaches, I become nervous. ;随着大学英语四级考试的来临, 我变得紧张起来.
(The approach of the CET Band-4 makes me nervous.) ;(大学英语四级考试的来临使我紧张起来.)

probable ;a.很可能的,大概的
The weather is changeable in London and rain is probable at any moment. ;伦敦的天气多变, 随时都有可能下雨.

resist vi.抵抗,反抗 vt.抵抗,抵制;忍住, 拒受…的影响; 抗(病等),耐(热等)
It is not wise to resist the introduction of advanced technology. ;抵制先进技术的引进是不明智的.
I couldn't resist chatting online for over 8 hours a day once my vacation began ;假期一开始,我就忍不住每天上网聊天八小时以上,
but then,I got tired of it 3 days later. ;但是三天之后就厌倦了.

sustain vt.支撑;供养,维持 (生命等);坚持, 使持续;经受,遭受
It is said that Pavarotti,the famous Italian tenor, ;据说意大利著名的男高音歌唱家帕瓦罗蒂
has to charter a plane whenever he is on a performing tour, ;每次巡回演出都得包机,
because no common seat can sustain his weight ;因为没有一张普通的座椅能承受他的体重.
A friend of mine refuses to go to a vapor bath, ;我有个朋友始终不肯去洗蒸汽浴,
for she believes there's not enough oxygen to sustain life there. ;因为她认为蒸汽浴室里的氧气不足以维持生命.

tolerate vt.容忍,容许,宽容
The school cannot tolerate students cheating on their exams. ;学校不容许考试作弊.
We should tolerate opinions different from our own. ;我们应当能容忍与自己不同的观点.

undergo vt.经受,遭受,承受
Mother's weather- beaten face shows ;母亲饱经风霜的脸上写着
the great hardship that she had undergone in both her childhood and youth. ;她在童年和青年时代所遭受的巨大艰难和困苦.

person n.人;人称
Candidates for the position ;申请该职位者
have to go in person to the company for their job interview. ;必须到公司面试.

tie vt.扎,系;把…打结;接连 vi.不分胜负 n.领带;联系,纽带; 束缚;平局
Both leaders attached importance to the bilateral ties between the two countries. ;两国的双边关系得到两国领导人的重视.
European countries are tied together by common interests. ;欧洲各国因共同利益结合在一起.
Taking care of a child does tie a wonman down ;照顾孩子确实会使妇女受到约束.
The home team and the visitors tied in the game. ;主队与客队在比赛中打成平局.
It is quite usual that a soccer game ends in a scoreless tie. ;足球赛以零比零终局是常事.

bound v.跳(跃);弹回; 以…为界,给…划界 a.必定的;受约束的 n.跳跃;[p界限,限制
Marriage based on money is bound to break up. ;建立在金钱基础上的婚姻是肯定要破裂的.
My heart bounded with nervousness during my first job interview. ;第一次求职面试时我紧张得心头砰砰直跳.
The U.S. is bounded on the north by Canada and on the south by Mexico. ;美国北面与加拿大相邻, 南面与墨西哥毗连.

associate n.伙伴,同事,合伙人 a.副的 vt.把…联系在一起; 使结合;(~with)交往
People often associate the underground with the dead,ghosts or evils. ;人们经常把地下跟死人、鬼或邪恶的东西联系在 一起.
One is not alays able to choose one's associates. ;一个人并非总能够选择自己的同事.
We have to associate with different kinds of people. ;我们不得不和各种各样的人交往.

association n.协会,社团;联合, 结合,交往
According to the American Automobile Association, ;根据美国汽车协会的资料
since 1964 ;自从1964年以来
all cars sold in the United States have been equipped with seat belts. ;在美国出售的所有汽车都装有安全带.
Having an association with English native speakers ;与说英语为本族的人交往
is one way to improve oral English. ;是提高英语口语的一种途径.

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