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give vi.(物体)折断,弯曲, 让步 vt.给予;提供; 交给;引起;举办, 表演;付出;做出,发出
The sun gives us light and heat. ;太阳给我们提供光和热.
Animals can give sickness to human beings. ;动物能把疾病传染给人类.
It is more blessed to give than to receive. ;(能够)施舍比收受更为幸福.

entitle vt.给以…权利(或资格) 给(书'文章)题名
This ticket entitles you to get a free French fries in the McDonald's. ;凭此券你可在麦当劳免费得到一份炸薯条.
Do you still remember the book entitled The Learning Revolution? ;你还记得名为《学习的革命》一书吗?

credit n.信贷;信任;赞扬, 荣誉;学分 vt.相信; 把…记入贷方;(to.) 把…归于
Do not place too much credit in hearsay. ;不可过于相信道听途说.

absorb vt.吸收;使专心; 把……同化
Put some orange peels in the refrigerator and they can absorb odd smell. ;把桔子皮放进冰箱里可以把怪味吸掉.
Newton was so absorbed in his work that ;牛顿如此专心于他的工作,
he boiled his watch when he wanted to boil an egg to eat. ;以至想煮个鸡蛋吃的时候把手表给煮了.

draw vi.(向某方向)移动, 来临;打成平局 vt.画;拉;取出;汲取,吸 n.平局;抽签
The days are drawing in as winter approaches. ;冬天要来临, 白天越来越短了.

concentrate vi.全神贯注;集中,聚集 vt.集中,聚集;浓缩 n.浓缩物,浓缩液
Can you still concentrate on your reading with the TV on? ;开着电视你还能集中精神看书吗?

commit vt.把…托付给,提交 犯(错误),干(坏事) 使承担义务; 调拨…代使用
The National Negro Business League started by Booker Washington ;由布克.华盛顿创办的“全国(美国)黑人商业会社”
was committed to the goal of Black economic independence. ;致力于黑人经济独立的目标.

switch v.转变,改变 n.开关,电闸;转变
Let's switch the conversation to a lighter subject. ;我们把谈话转移到一个更轻松的话题吧.

favor n.好感,喜爱;赞同;恩惠 vt.赞同,偏爱,有利于, 有助于
We are in favor of fighting against piracy. ;我们支持打击盗版.

count vt.计算;把…算入;看作 认为 vi.数,计算值得考虑 n.记数,总数;一项罪状
Chinese people feel the need to take care of their parents, ;中国人认为有必要照顾父母;
while American people think parents need to self-sufficient ;美国人则觉得其父母要自己靠自己,
instead of counting on their children. ;而不应该依赖他们的孩子.

valid a.有根据的;有理的; 有效的,具有法律 效力的
Illness is a valid excuse for being absent from school. ;生病是不去上学的正当理由.

fruitful a.多产的;富有成效的
The reform and open-up policy in China has been fruitful. ;改革开放政策在中国是富有成效的.

effective a.有效的,起作用的; 实际的,事实上的
We hope the government will take effective measures to reduce pollution. ;希望政府采取有效措施减少污染.

pour vt.灌,倒,注 vi.涌入,涌出;倾泻; 流露
People pour into big department stores when they have sales. ;大百货商店大减价的时候人们蜂拥而至.
It is pouring.(The rain is pouring down.) ;正下着倾盆大雨.

expand v.扩大,扩张;扩展; 膨胀
It is theorized that ;据推理
the universe is expan- ding at a rate of 50 miles per second per million light years. ;宇宙每1百万光年就以每秒50英里的速度在扩大

expansive a.易膨胀的;开朗的, 豪爽的,健谈的
Don't let out your secret to those who easily become expansi- ve after a few drinks. ;不要向那些几杯酒话就滔滔不绝的人泄露你的秘密.

expansion ;n.扩张,扩展;膨胀
We are recruiting talents for the following positions ;我公司现在招纳以下职位的人才
due to the expansion of business. ;由于业务扩展.

expensive a.昂贵的
An Audi is more expensive than a Citroen. ;奥迪车比雪铁龙车要贵.

exact a.准确的,精确的, 确切的 vt.要求,强求
You have to be very exact in design, ;在设计工作中必须 十分严谨,
because a small mistake can make a big difference. ;因为一点小失误就能造成很大的差异.

define vt.给…下定义; 限定,规定
How do you define happiness? ;你怎样定义“幸福"?
When boundaries between countries are not clearly defined, ;国与国之间的边界尚未明确划定时,
there's usually trouble. ;通常会发生纠纷.

definite a.明确的;肯定的
I want a definite answer,"yes" or "no". ;我要一个明确的答案:“是”还是“否”.

put vt.放,摆, 使处于(某种状态); 说,表达;提出;记下
Can you put the case clearly in English? ;你能把情况用英语清楚地表述出来吗?
I can't put up with noise when I am working. ;我在工作的时候不能忍受喧闹声.

arrive vi.到来,到达; (时间等)来临; 达到,达成
The band didn't arrive at a decision to give a concert until they arrived in London. ;乐队来到伦敦才做出开演唱会的决定.

submit vt.提交,呈送;主张, 建议 vi.屈服,听从
When you apply for an E-mailbox, ;在申请电子邮箱时,
you are expected to fill out your necessary personal information ;要填妥必要的个人资料
before you submit the form. ;在提交申请表前.

work vi.工作,劳动;职业; 运转;起作用 vt.使工作,操作;造成 n.工作;职业;作品
We had better work out the cost for the holiday before we start. ;我们最好在出发前算出度假的费用.

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