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destroy vt.破坏,毁灭;消灭, 杀死
Experts think an asteroid big enough to destroy lots of life ;有专家认为足以破坏大量生命的小行星
might strike Earth once every 500,000 years. ;可能每50万年才与地球相撞一次.
The more attractive a man is,the more chance he gets to destroy his first marriage, ;一个男人的魅力越大, 他毁掉第一次婚姻的机会就越大--
according to an American researcher. ;据美国的一位研究员说.

assume vt.假定,设想;承担; 呈现,表现为;采取
Some people assume that there is life on other planets when they see UFOs. ;看见不明飞行物时, 有些人就设想在其他行星上有生命.

service n.服务;公共设施, 政府部门,服务维修保养 vt.维修,保养向…提供 服务(信息等)
The telephone service and the bus service in the city leave much to be improved. ;市里的电话设施和公共汽车交通服务都有很多需要改进的地方.

sentence n.句子;判决,宣判 vt.宣判,判决
Mc veigh,who bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, ;炸毁(美国)俄克拉荷马市联邦政府大楼的迈克维
was sentenced to death and died by lethal injection. ;被判死刑,接受毒针注射而死.

crime n.犯罪,罪行
Police prevent and detect crime while the courts punish the crime. ;防止及侦察犯罪是警察的事而惩罚犯罪是法庭的事
Refrain from committing any crime serious or minor, ;不管是重罪还是轻罪, 千万不要犯罪
because crime does not pay. ;因为犯罪没有好下场.

crisis n.危机,危急关头; 关键时刻
The Indian Prime Minister said ;印度总理说
the 1997 Southeast Asian financial crisis ;1997年的南亚金融危机
showed that volatile capital flows could threaten even vibrant economies. ;表明资金流动不稳甚至对经济活跃的国家都会造成威胁

decision n.决定,决心;坚定,果断
Marriage is an important personal decision. ;婚姻是由个人作决定的大事.

direction n.方向,方位; [p用法说明, 说明书;指示
Most drivers have good sense of direction. ;大多数司机有很强的方向感.
See that you follow the directions when taking a test. ;考试时一定要按指令答题.

distinct a.有区别的,不同的; 清楚的,明确的; 显著的
There has been distinct improvement of people's life in the last twenty years. ;20年来,人们的生活有了明显的改善.
Beer has a very distinctive smell;it is quite distinct from the smell of wine. ;啤酒有种特殊的味道, 与葡萄酒的味道截然不同.

side n.侧面,旁边;方面;一方 坡 a.侧面的;枝节的 vi.(~with)支持 (~against)反对
Lying on the left side when you sleep does harm to your heart. ;睡觉时左侧卧对心脏有害.
The chairman is not allowed to side with neither side in a debating contest. ;主席不许支持辩论赛中的任一方.

sufficient a.足够的,充分的
Many people working and living in the city don't have sufficient sleep. ;很多在城市工作和居住的人没有充足的睡眠.

approximate a.大概的,大约的, 近似的 v. (~to)近似,接近
According to an approximate estimate, ;根据大约估计,
about 40 percent of Chinese Internet surfers ;有近百分之四十的中国网民
have experienced Internet love. ;遭遇过网上恋情.

proper a.适合的,恰当的; 合乎体统的;正派的
Do it properly or don't do it at all. ;要干就好好地干, 否则就别干.

sense vt.觉得,意识到 n.感官,官能;感觉; 判断力,见识; 意义,意思
A dog has a good sense of smell. ;狗的嗅觉很灵敏.
Don't waste time with nonsense.Please make sense. ;别浪费时间尽说废话, 讲点有意义的东西.
I can sense the tension before the exam. ;我可以感觉到考试前紧张的气氛.

idea n.思想,概念; 主意,想法
Just ten years ago, ;仅在10年前,
the idea of having computer and getting on the Internet at home seemed ;在家里有一台电脑并上因特网的想法
far-fetched for most Chinese. ;对大多数中国人来说, 似乎还是不在现实的.

display vt. & n.陈列,展览; 显示,表现
The world-famous Debeers diamonds ;世界闻名的戴比尔斯钻石
displayed in the jeweler's shop window attract many ladies. ;陈列在珠宝店橱窗里, 吸引了不少女士.
The peacock will display its beautiful tail feathers ;孔雀会开屏(展示漂亮的尾部羽毛)
when it notices any gay colours. ;看到鲜艳的颜色.

reaction n.反应,反作用; 反动;对抗
Cloning technology produced a great reaction ;克隆技术在全世界引起了强烈的反应
from the whole world in the late 1990s. ;20世纪90年代末.
What's your reaction to the rumors about you? ;你对有关你的谣言有何反应?

comment n.评论,意见;议论 vi.评论
When the love scandal between Clinton and Luwinsky was revealed, ;当克林顿和莱温斯基的性丑闻曝光时,
not many Americans liked to comment on it. ;并不是很多美国人喜欢评论此事.

opinion n.观点,看法,主张
In Elizabeth Drew's view,"the world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, ;在伊丽莎白.德鲁 (美国作家)看来,“世界不是依思想和想像而转移,
but by opinion." ;而是因信念而生生不息”.

artificial a.人工的,人造的; 假的,矫揉造作的
Jack insisted that Jill accept his bunch of artificial flowers ;杰克坚持要吉儿收下他那 束人造花,
by saying they meant their love would last long, ;说代表他们爱情的长久,
while Jill rejected them by saying they stood for nothing but untrue love. ;而吉儿却说假花只能代表假的爱,所以坚持不接受.

false a.错误的;虚伪的; 伪造的
Fish live in water because cats can't swim.True or false? ;鱼在水里生活是因为猫不会游泳.对还是错?
Can you distinguish between false diamonds and genuine ones? ;你能辨别假钻石和真钻石吗?

contrast n.对照,对比 vt.对比,对照 vi.~with)与…形成对比
The contrast of light and shade is important in photography. ;明暗对比在摄影术上很重要.
Writers like to contrast good with evil. ;作家喜欢把美好与邪恶形成对比.

word n.词,单词; ([常p)话,言语; 消息,传说;诺言,保证
Good stuff is not cheap,and cheap stuff is not good. ;好货不便宜, 便宜没好货.
In a word,when you go after small gains you may suffer big loss. ;总之,当你贪小便宜的时候,可能会吃大亏的.

contribute vi.捐款,作出贡献; (~to)有助于,促成;投稿 vt.捐,捐献
Plenty of fresh air contributes to good health. ;多呼吸新鲜空气对健康有益.
Einstein's Relativity Theory contributed a lot to scientific research. ;爱因斯坦的相对论对科学研究贡献良多.

sole a.单独的,惟一的; 独有的 n.脚底,鞋底,袜底
I never like to follow any tourist guide when I travel, ;我旅游从来就不喜欢跟着导游走,
because the sole concern of a tourist guide ;因为导游惟一考虑的
is to cover all spots according to a strict schedule. ;就是按照一成不变的时间表走过所有风景点.
The soles of my boots needed repairing. ;我那双靴子的底该补了.

alone a.单独的,孤独的;仅,只 ad.单独地;独自地; 仅仅,只
I hate to be alone in the house,but I dare not go out alone after dark. ;我讨厌独个儿呆在家, 但天黑后我又不敢一个人出去.
So I want you to come over to watch TV together. ;所以我想你过来一起看电视.

single a.单一的;未婚的,单身的 单人的;单程的
single n.单程票; [p(网球等的)单打 vt.(~out)选出,
The Food and Drug Administration classifies any product ;食品及药物管理局
whose single purpose is to improve a person's appearance as a cosmetic. ;把任何其单一目的为改善人的外表的产品归为化妆品.

lonely a.孤独的,寂寞的; 荒凉的,人迹稀少的
Being a writer can be very lonely. ;当作家会是一种很寂寞的生涯.

attain vt.达到,获得
We have to make sustaining efforts to attain our goal. ;为了达到目标,我们必须做出不懈的努力.

cut vt.切,割,剪;划破; 削减;中断 n.伤口,切口;削减; 修剪,裁剪;理发
The village was cut off from the outside world by heavy snow for a month. ;村庄因大雪与外界已经隔绝一个月了.
Many fashion models have to cut out sweets in order to lose weight ;不少时装模特为了减肥, 她们不得不戒糖
although they have a sweet tooth. ;虽然很爱吃甜的东西.

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