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heart n.心,心脏;中心,要点; 内心,感情;勇气
The cuttlefish has three hearts. ;乌贼有三个心脏.
Some people seem to have quite a lot of friends, ;有些人看来有不少朋友,
but at heart,they may be very lonely. ;可是他们内心也许是很孤独的.

nature n.自然界,大自然; 天性,性格
Do you think that women are crybabies by nature? ;你认为爱哭是女人的天性吗?

observe vt.观察,注意到;遵守, 奉行;评说,评论
All animals have to observe the jungle law. ;所有动物都必须遵守弱肉强食的原则.

observation n.观察;言论,评论; [常p观察资料, 观察数据;观察力
Recent observations on bird's behavior show that some birds,like magpies, ;最近对鸟类行为的观察报告显示,有些鸟类(比如鹊)
are extremely clever- they can locate hidden objects, ;非常聪明.他们能找到藏起来的东西,
recognize themselves in the mirror and have a good memory. ;在镜子里认出自己, 还有很强的记忆力.

speed n.速度,迅速,快 vt.迅速前进,急行; 加速,使加速
The speed of light travels faster than the speed of sound. ;光的速度比声音的速度快.

growth n.生长,增长,发展
Some experts have predicted ;有专家预测到
a recovery of the U.S. economy by 2002 ;美国经济将会在2002年年底复苏
with about a one percent growth expected in the first half of 2001. ;比2001年上半年大约增长百分之一.

neglect vt.忽视,忽略;疏忽 n.疏忽,玩忽
It's quite common that career women neglect their families and their children. ;职业女性忽略家庭和孩子的现象很常见.
Don't neglect calling me back. ;别忘了回我电话.

deny vt.否认,不承认
Florida's Republican Governor Jeb Bush- ;佛罗里达州州长, 共和党人爵.布什
younger brother of US President George W.Bush- ;即现任美国总统小布什的弟弟
has resolutely denied rumors of an extramarital affair with a state employee. ;坚决否认他与某州政府职员有婚外恋的传闻.
Many girls in the poor areas are denied the right to be educated. ;贫困地区的很多女孩子都得不到接受教育的权利.

sorry a.对不起的,抱歉的; 遗憾的,惋惜的; 可怜的
I am sorry for giving you so much trouble.(I am sorry to have given you so much trouble.) ;很抱歉,我给您添了这么多麻烦.

ashamed a.惭愧的,羞耻的, 害臊的
I was ashamed of myse- lf for my bad temper after quarreling with my parents. ;和父母吵架后,我为自己的坏脾气感到惭愧.

miserable a.痛苦的,不幸的, 悲惨的;令人难受 (或痛苦)的
It's raining nonstop- what miserable weather! ;雨下个不停, 多烦人的天气!
The novel entitled The Miserable was written by an eminent French writer,Victor Hugo. ;小说《悲惨世界》是法国文豪维克多.雨果的作品.

pair n.一对,一双,一副; 一对夫妇,一对情侣 v.(使)成对,(使)配对
Xiong Ni was paired with Tian Liang ;熊倪和田亮配合
and won the gold medal in the Men's 10-meter springboard diving ;赢得了男子十米跳板跳水比赛金牌
in the 2000 Sydney Olympic games. ;2000年在悉尼举行的奥运会上.

opportunity n.机会
Hong Kong Chief Secretary Donald Tsang ;香港政务司司长曾荫权说,
denied that China's entry to the WTO would be a challenge to Hong Kong's economy, ;中国加入世界贸易组织给香港特区的经济带来的不是挑战
rather it would be an opportunity. ;而是机会.

real a.真的,真实的; 实际的,现实的
Real life is sometimes more fantastic than fiction. ;现实生活有时比小说更离奇.

reality n.现实,实际;真实
It takes time for a dream to become a reality. ;梦想变成现实需要时间.

consequently ad.因此,所以
So the story goes:at the first two false alarms the boy gave, ;故事是这样的:那男孩开始发了两次假警报,
people in the village got fooled, ;村里的人都上当受骗了,
and consequently no one came when the real wolf was approaching him ;所以当真的有狼来的时候,谁也不来救他了
however hard he cried for help. ;不管他喊得有多起劲.

release vt.释放,解放;发表, 发布,发行
In China,no criminals can be released on bail. ;在中国,没有罪犯可以交保释金而获释.
The latest developments have just been released to the media. ;最新的进展情况已向大众传媒发表.

relieve vt.减轻,缓解; 使轻松,使宽慰
The painkillers can only relieve your pain. ;止痛药只能减轻疼痛.
You need other medicine to cure your disease. ;要治好病,还需要其他药物.

relief n.(痛苦等)缓解, 减轻;轻松,宽慰
The use of anaesthesia in operations is to give patients relief from pain. ;手术中麻醉的作用是减轻病人的痛苦.
I felt great relief when I heard I had passed the examination ;听说通过了考试, 我感到轻松多了.

contrary a.(~to)相反的,对抗的 n.(the~)相反,相反事物
Many things in our lives are often contrary to our expectations. ;我们生活中经常事与愿违.
American movie star Juliet Roberts' neighbours said that ;美国影星朱莉亚.罗勃茨 的邻居们说
everybody considers her the "American Sweetheart", ;大家都认为她是“美国甜心”,
but on the contrary, she is really a selfish skunk. ;可恰恰相反,她其实是个自私的讨厌鬼.

part n.部分;角色,作用; 零件;部位 v.(使)分开 ad.部分的
How many lovers can part as friends? ;又有多少情侣能和和气气地分手呢?
Do you take part in any activity in your spare time? ;你在业余时间里参加什么活动吗?

pitch vt.投掷;使猛然倒下; 定位于;扎营 vi.投掷;(船,飞机)颠簸 n.(板球)球场;沥青,音高 ?
As the pitcher in a baseball game,it is important to pitch the ball well. ;棒球赛中投手把球投好至关重要.

insert vt.插入,嵌入
Please insert coins into the slot. ;请将硬币插入投币孔.

impose vt. (~on)把…强加于; 征(税)处以(罚款, 监禁等)
You can express your opinion,but don't try to impose your ideas on others. ;你可以发表意见,但不要试图把自己的想法强加给别人.

plunge vt.(猛力)把…投入, 刺进;使突然陷入,遭受 vi.猛冲;纵身投入 n.投身入水;猛跌
The country was plunged into civil war after the death of the President. ;总统逝世后那个国家陷入了内战.
Share prices plunged as a result of the gloomy economic forecast. ;由于暗淡的经济前景, 股票价格急剧下降.

comfortable a.舒适的,自在的
I like reading in a comfortable bed. ;我喜欢躺在舒适的床上看书.

convenient a.便利的,方便的; 近处的,近便的
A bicycle's often far more convenient than a car in busy cities. ;在繁华的城市里自行车往往比汽车方便得多.

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