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patient a.忍耐的,有耐心的 n.病人,患者
A good doctor should be patient with every patient. ;好医生应当对每个病人都有耐心.

nervous a.紧张的,神经的
Some people are nervous in the dark. ;有些人在黑暗处就会紧张胆怯.

participate vi.(~ in)参与,参加
How many countries will be participating in the next Olympic Games? ;有多少国家要参加下届奥运会?

rock n.岩石,石块;摇滚乐 vi.摇动,摇
A rolling rock gathers no moss. ;[滚石不生苔, 转业不聚财.
People often say that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world ;人们常说,摇摇篮的手统治世界,
and behind every successful man there's a woman. ;每个成功的男人背后是女人.

cliff n.悬崖,峭壁
The chalk cliff rising above the city of Dover ;(英国港口)多佛市的白垩崖
has caves and tunnels originally used by smugglers. ;有很多岩洞和隧洞, 原为走私者所用.

path n.小径,小路;路线, 路径,途径
I was walking along the path in the countryside at dusk, ;走在乡间的小路上,
in the company of my old cow. ;暮归的老牛是我同伴.
Hard work is the path to success. ;艰苦的劳动是成功之路.

pure a.纯的,纯洁的,纯净的; 纯理论的,抽象的; 完全的,十足的
With more and more factories being opened ;随着越来越多工厂的出现,
the air and water in the mountains are not as pure as before. ;山间的空气和水都不如以前纯净了.

relative a.相对的;有关的; 比较的 n.亲戚
Keep your comments relative to what is under discussion. ;把你的发言集中在讨论的问题上(与所讨论的问题相关).
Have you got any relatives or friends abroad? ;你有海外亲戚或朋友吗?

respect vt.尊敬,尊重;重视 n.尊敬;重视; 敬意,问候;方面
When your dog obeys a simple request of "Come here,sit," ;当你的狗听从你对它发出的“过来,坐下”这样的要求时,
it is showing obedience and respect for you. ;这表明它对你的服从和尊重.

respective a.个别的,各个的, 各自的
All men have their respective duties. ;各人有各人的职责.

respectively ad.各自地,分别地
The College English Test Band-4 is held annually in January and June respectively. ;大学英语四级考试分别在每年的一月份和六月份举行.

reasonable a.合理的,有道理的通情 达理的,讲道理的; (价钱)公道的
It's not reasonable to expect a person to be perfect. ;期望一个人完美是不合理的.
We must learn to cope with problems reasonably. ;我们要学会合理地处理问题.

similar a.相似的,类似的
All eggs look similar, but no two eggs are identical, ;所有鸡蛋看上去相似, 但没有两只鸡蛋是完全相同的
Leonardo da Vinci's teacher once said to him. ;达芬奇的教师曾经告诉他说.

source n.源,源泉,发源地; 来源,出处
When writing your thesis,don't forget to reference the sources. ;写论文的时候别忘了注明参考资料.

specific a.明确的,具体的; 特定的,特有的 n.[p详情,细节
Instructions for a nation-wide test must be specific. ;全国统考的考试指令必须详细而明确.

specialize vi.(~ in)专攻, 专门研究
The more rapidly the economy develops,the more our environment is threatened. ;经济发展的速度越快, 我们的环境受到的威胁越大,
Therefore we need better research centers that specialize in ecology. ;也就需要更好的专攻生态学的研究中心.

use vt.用,使用,运用; 耗费,利用 n.使用,应用; 用途,效用
To improve the traffic of a city,something should be done about the use of cars. ;为改善城市的交通,必须对车辆的使用采取一定的措施.

usage n.用法; (语言的)惯用法
Languages develop continually through usage. ;语言在使用中不断发展.

smooth vt.弄平;消除(问题、 困难等) a.光滑的,平滑的;平衡的 平静的;顺利的,流畅的
Our path in life will not always be smooth. ;我们人生之路不会永远平坦.

utility n.有用,效用; (常[p公用事业)
Railroads,bus lines, gas and electric companies are public utilities. ;铁路、公共汽车、煤气和电力公司都是公用事业.

stable a.稳固的,稳定的; 沉稳的,持重的 n.马厩,马棚
A stable government is of importance to economic development. ;稳定的政府对经济发展很重要.

section n.部分;章节;(地)区 地段;部门(或科,部等) 截面,剖面
In this section,you will hear 10 short conversations. ;在这一部分,你将听到10个简短的对话. (听力考试提示语)
This section of the road is closed because of a serious traffic accident. ;这段路因为一起严重的交通事故被封闭了.

selection n.选择,挑选, 被选出来的人或物, 精选品;可供选择的东西
A wise selection of clothes is important to women shoppers. ;明智的挑选衣服对于女性顾客很重要.

series n.一系列,连续;丛书, (电视)连续剧
A series of 15 sand storms hit large areas of China this years, ;今年中国有大范围的地区受到15次沙暴的连续袭击,
and more are expected over the next few years. ;而且未来几年还会发生更多的沙暴.

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