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behalf n.利益,方面
Mother Teresa's efforts on behalf of Calcutta's poor ;德兰修女为加尔各答穷人所做的一切努力
eventually brought her the Nobel Peace Prize. ;最终为她赢得了诺贝尔和平奖.

abundant a.大量的,充足的; (~ in)丰富的,富裕的
Iraq is very abundant in petroleum depostits ;伊拉克的石油储量十分丰富.

cabinet n.内阁;储藏橱,陈列柜
In Britain,members of the Cabinet are chosen by the Prime Minister. ;在英国,内阁成员是由首相挑选的.

candidate n.申请求职者,投考者; 候选人
The Republican candidate George W.Bush ;共和党候选人乔治.布什
was elected President of the United States in 2000. ;于2000年当选为美国总统.

capable a.有能力的,有技能的
Show me what you are capable of. ;让我看看你有什么本事.
Don't tell me that you are capable of nothing but speaking English. ;别告诉我你除了会说英语什么都不会.

career n.生涯,职业
Many university students plan their future career in the financial circle. ;许多大学生都将自己的未来职业计划在金融界.

decay vi.腐烂,腐朽; 衰败,衰退,衰落
Although I know that sugar can decay my teeth,I can never resist candy. ;虽然我知道糖会蛀蚀牙齿但是我还是难以抗拒糖果的诱惑.
Our powers decay in old age. ;我们的体力在年老时衰退.

economic a.经济的,经济学的 n.(~s)经济学;经济状况 经济因素,经济意义
The economic situation is not good in many developing countries. ;许多发展中国家的经济状况不佳.

economical a.节约的,省俭的, 经济的
Small cars are more economical than large ones,because they use less petrol. ;小汽车比大汽车经济, 因为它们耗油量较少.

economy n.经济,经济制度, 经济情况;省俭, 节约,充分利用
The CEO made a blueprint based on the current economy for the company. ;执行总裁为公司规划了蓝图,这一蓝图是建立在当前经济情况的基础上的
A lever is a tool with the economy of force. ;杠杆是一种省力工具.

faith n.信任,信赖,信心; 信仰,信条
Keeping faith with friends is a good character. ;对朋友守信用是一种好品格.

faithful a.忠诚的,忠实的, 忠贞的;如实的
If you want your friends to be faithful to you ;如果你希望你的朋友对你忠诚,
you must first be a faithful friend to them. ;你自己首先必须是他们忠实的朋友.
Not all films and TV series are faithful to history. ;不是所有的电影和电视剧都如实反映历史事实.

habit n.习惯,习性
It is a good habit to go for a walk after supper. ;吃完晚饭后散步是个好习惯.

ideal n.理想,理想的东西(或人 a.理想的,完满的; 想像的,空想的
I am looking for a house but haven't found my ideal yet. ;我正在找房子, 但还没有找到理想的.
Jim says sneakers are ideal for hiking. ;吉姆说运动鞋是徙步旅行最佳的选择.

identical a.(~ to/with)相同的, 相等的;同一的
My opinions are not always identical with my parents'. ;我的意见并不总是和父母的意见相同.

lag n.滞后;(时间上的) 间走得慢,落后
The tortoise lagged behind the rabbit when they re-competed in the race. ;龟兔重新赛跑时, 乌龟远远地落在兔子后面.

machine n.机器,机械 vt.用机器加工, 用机器制造
It takes less time to machine clothes than to sew them by hand. ;用机器缝制衣服要比手工缝制省时.

negative n.(相片的)负片, 底片;负数 a.否定的;反面的, 消极的;负的,阴性的
The travelers were very unhappy ;这些旅客很不高兴,
because they couldn't find the negatives to their favorite photos. ;因为找不到他们心爱的照片底片.
Two negatives make a positive. ;负负得正.
I didn't do well in the interview with Uni-Liver ;我到联合利华公司的面试不理想,
and I am afraid of getting a negative response. ;现在真害怕收到否定的答复.

obey v.服从,听从
Napoleon required every soldier to obey his orders. ;拿破仑要求每个士兵都服从他的命令.

panic n.恐慌,惊慌,慌 vt.(使)恐慌, (使)惊慌失措 vi.感到惊慌
The Black Death once caused a great panic among people. ;黑死病曾引起人们极大的恐慌.
The crowd panicked at the sound of guns.(The sound of guns panicked the crowd.) ;枪声使群众惊慌失措.

parade n.游行,检阅 v.(使)列队行进, 游行
The Asian Games began with a parade of all the competing nations. ;亚运会以参赛各国运动员的列队行进开始.
Some of the audience began to scream ;一些观众尖叫起来
when the Italian football team paraded the football field. ;当意大利足球队出场时.

particular a.特定的,特别的, 特殊的挑剔的, (过分)讲究的 n.[p详情,细目
Michael Jackson is particular with his clothes. ;迈克尔.杰克逊在着装方面很讲究.
"For particulars, please ask the information desk." ;详情请向问讯处查询.

rack n.挂架,搁架 vt.使痛苦,折磨; 使紧张,使努力
Although I racked my brains,I couldn't get the right answer. ;我绞尽脑汁也想不出答案

rare a.稀有的,珍奇的; (空气等)稀薄的; 煎得色红肉嫩的,半熟的
The panda is a rare animal in the world. ;熊猫是世界上一种稀 有动物.
Many Chinese don't like rare steak. ;许多中国人都不喜欢吃 煎得半熟的牛排.
Rarely does the temperature go below 5 degree Celsius in GuangZhou. ;广州的气温极少低于5度.

raw a.自然状态的,未加工 过的,生的;原始的, 未经训练的
Do you like to eat raw vegetables? ;你爱吃生的蔬菜吗?

sacrifice n.牺牲,舍身;献祭, 供奉 vt.牺牲,献出 vi.献祭
A mother would sacrifice her life for her children. ;母亲愿意为自己的孩子操劳一生.

safety n.安全,保险;安全设备 保险装置,安全场所
We had better place all our money in the bank for safety reasons. ;为了安全起见,我们最好把钱存到银行.

salary n.薪金,薪水
Computer engineers at IBM have very good salaries. ;IBM公司的电脑工程师有很好的工资待遇.

wage n.(常[p)工资, 报酬 vt.开始,进行
Wages are higher in service trades than in industry. ;服务业的工人工资比工业领域的要高.
People are beginning to wage war on pollution. ;人们开始向污染宣战.

watch v.注视,看守,照看; 小心,当心
We can not just watch with fold arms. ;我们不能袖手旁观.
Please watch out when you are crossing the road. ;过马路时请小心.

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