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accommodation n. [常p住处,膳宿
The high cost of accommodations ;住宿费昂贵
makes life difficult for many Chinese students in London. ;使很多在伦敦的中国留学生感到生活困难.
blame vt.指责,责怪; 把…归咎于 n.(过错,事故等的)责任 指责,责备
Don't always blame your own failure on others.Sometimes you yourself are to blame. ;不要总把失败归咎于他人有时该怪你自己.

clash vt.发生冲突;不协调; (金属等的)刺耳的撞 击声
I failed to watch the World Cup final because it clashed with my examination. ;我没能看成世界杯 (足球)总决赛,因为和我的考试日期冲突了.

coarse a.粗的,粗糙的; 粗劣的;粗俗的
Ultraviolet rays, dust,air-conditioning can make your skin coarse. ;紫外线、灰尘、空调等都会使皮肤粗糙.

collapse vt. & n.倒塌,塌下; 崩溃,突然失败
Numerous houses collapsed in the Tangshan earthquake in 1976. ;在1976年,无数的房屋在唐山地震中倒塌.
The economy of many Asian countries collap -sed immediately in the financial crisis. ;许多亚洲国家的经济在金融危机当中迅速崩溃.

collision n.碰撞;冲突,抵触
In Britain,a collision with the Parliament could ruin the government's plans. ;在英国,政府与议会的冲突可能使政府的计划 破产.

decline vi.下降,减少;衰退, 衰落;谢绝,拒绝 vt.谢绝,拒绝 n.下降,减少,衰退
Babylon was an empire that had declined. ;巴比伦是业已衰落的帝国.
Cinderella had to decline the prince and returned home before 12 o'clock at night. ;灰姑娘不得不谢绝王子, 在晚上12点之前赶回家.

defeat vt.击败,战胜;挫败, 使…落空 n.击败,失败;战胜
Some countries may be defeated but can never be conquered. ;有的国家可能被打败, 但决不能被征服.

defend vt.保卫,?? 为…辩护, 为(论文等)答辩
A lawyer defends his clients in court. ;律师在法庭上为自己的当事人辩护.
Every student will get nervous when they defend their thesis. ;每个学生论文答辩之时都会紧张.

efficiency n.效率,效能,功效
One of the aims of economic reform is to improve efficiency. ;经济改革的目标之一是提高效率.

fatal a.致命的,灾难性的, 毁灭性的;重大的, 决定性的
The city of Tangshan takes on (such) a new look that it hardly reminds people of ;唐山市如今面貌一新, 几乎让人想不起
the fatal earthquake that occurred over 30 years ago. ;那30多年前的毁灭性的地震.
"To be or not to be " was the fatal decision for Hamlet. ;对于哈姆雷特来说," 是活下去,还是选择死亡"是一个重大的决定.

factor n.因素,要素
Scientists recognize ;科学家认为
that many other factors besides genetic factors can affect height. ;除了遗传因子,还有许多因素会影响身高.

fulfill vt.履行,实现;满足, 使满意
The world's first space tourist Dennis Tito had his dream fulfilled ;世界第一位太空游客客丹尼斯.蒂托实现了他的梦想.
when the Russian Soyuz-TM spaceship carrying him and two Russian cosmonauts ;当联盟-TM宇宙飞船承载着蒂托和两名俄罗斯宇航员
safely returned to earth after an 8-day visit to the Internat- ional Space Station. ;在国际太空站为期8天的旅程后安全着陆时.

gear n.齿轮,传动装置, (排)挡;设备,用具; 衣服 vt.使适应,使适合
"The car isn't moving! "That's because you are not in gear." ;“车开不动!”“那是因为你没推挡.” Education should be geared to society's needs. ;教育应适应社会的需要.

image n.形象,声誉;印象; 映像,图像;形象的描述
In Europe,many royal members still try to protect their image. ;在欧洲,许多皇室成员仍竭尽全力维护自己的形象
The Tian Chi Lake is so clean that you can see your image in it. ;天池的水很清,你可以从中看见自己的倒影.

imagination n.想像,想像力;空想, 幻觉;想像出来的事物
Someone believes that UFOs are just people's imagination. ;有人认为不明飞行物只是人们的幻觉.

imagine vt.想像,设想;料想, 猜想
You can't imagine the life of the refugees in Somali. ;你不可能想像得出索马里的难民是如何生活的.
imaginary a.想像中的,虚构的, 假想的
The main characters in the novel are very true to life,but most of them are imaginary. ;小说里的人物写得栩栩如生,但大都是虚构的.

imaginative a.富有想像力的, 爱想像的
Some people believe that imaginative kids are relatively clever. ;有人想像力丰富的孩子比较聪明.

launch vt.发射;发起(运动), 推出(产品);使开始 从事;使(船)下水 n.发射;(船)下水;投产
Early Bird,the world's first commercial communication satellite, ;世界上第一个商用通信卫星--晨鸟卫星
was launched from Cape Kennedy in Florida in 1965. ;于1965年在(美国)佛 罗里达州的肯尼迪角发射.
Full market research is needed before the launch of new products ;新产品投产之前需要充分的市场调查.

obligation n.义务,责任
Supporting elderly parents is every adult's obligation. ;赡养上年纪的父母是每个成年人的义务.

pay vt.付钱给,支付;给予 (注意等),致以(问候等) vi.付款;有利,值得; n.工资,薪金
It will pay in the long run ;长远来看,
if the setting off of firecrackers is banned in the cities. ;在城市里禁放鞭炮是值得的.
Many social volunteers regularly pay visits to the almshouses. ;许多社工会定期去养老院看望老人.
He gambled away all his pay. ;他把工资都给赌光了.

payment n.支付的款项; 支付,付款
Payment may be made in any of the following ways,in cash,by check, or by credit card. ;付款可用下列任何一种方式:现金、支票或用信用卡.

peculiar a.奇怪的,古怪的; 特有的,独具的, 独特的
Language is peculiar to mankind. ;语言是人类所特有的.
The fish has a peculiar taste.You really think it is all right? ;这鱼有股怪味,你真的认为它能吃吗?

peer n.同龄人,同等地位的人 贵族 用钉子钉;限定 (价格、工资等); 将…看成,将…归入
To lessen peer(group) pressure,many schools require their students to wear uniforms. ;为减少来自同龄群体的压力,许多学校要求学生们穿校服.

penalty n.处罚,惩罚,罚金
A football player may be given a yellow card or a red card penalty ;足球队员受到黄牌或红牌处罚.
for his unnecessary roughness during the match. ;在比赛中会因不必要的粗暴行为.

reckon vt.认为,估计; (~ on)指望,盼望; 测算,测量
Don't reckon the gain and loss that clearly; just let it be. ;别把得失算得那么清楚, 一切顺其自然吧.

recognize vt.认出,识别;承认, 确认;常识,表彰,报偿
Many colorblind people can't recognize different shades of red and green. ;很多色盲者都不能辨认红与绿的不同色调.

scan vt.细看,审视;浏览; 扫描
Many people like to scan the newspaper while having breakfast ;许多人喜欢在吃早饭的时候浏览一下报纸.

scarce a.缺乏的,不足的; 稀少的
Fresh vegetables are no longer scarce in Beijing. ;现在北京的新鲜蔬菜不再匮乏.

talk vi.讲话,交谈,谈论 vt.讲,说,谈论 n.谈话会话;演讲;谈判; 闲话,流言蜚语
I hate all talk and no action. ;我讨厌光有一大堆空话而无实际行动.

variation n.可变因素,变量; 变化,改变
Variations in the color of sea water from blue to green ;海水颜色从蓝到绿的变化
is caused by high or low concentrations of salt. ;是由盐分含量的高低引起的.

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