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achieve vt.完成,实现,达到 vi.成功
We worked hard to cut spending and achieve a balanced budget. ;我们努力消减开销, 实现了预算平衡.

acknowledge vt.承认,承认…的权威 (或主张);告知收到, 确认;对…表示谢忱, 报偿
Michael Jordan was acknowledged as the best basketball player in the NBA. ;迈克尔.乔丹是公认的前NBA最佳篮球选手.
The supplier faxed back to acknowledge the Sales Confirmation ;供应商传真告知已收到我方的销售确认书.

common a.平常的,普通的; 共同的,公共的
Light travels faster than sound-it's common sense. ;光速比声速快--这是基本的常识.

companion n.同伴,伴侣
I don't want any traveling companion; I'd like to travel alone this time. ;我不需要任何旅伴, 这次我要独自旅行.

compel vt.强迫,迫使
Because he is unable to distinguish colors, ;因为无法分辨色彩,
the color-blind boy is compelled to give up the ideal of becoming a fashion designer. ;那个色盲的男孩不得不放弃成为服装设计师的理想

compete vi.竞争,比赛
The two TV broadcasting companies TVB and ATV in Hong Kong ;香港的两家电视广播公司(无线电视和亚洲电视)
have always been competing with each other for higher audience rating. ;长期以来为争取更高的收视率而互相竞争.

competition n.竞争,比赛
The competition between Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola has been on for a long time. ;可口可乐与百事可乐的竞争由来已久.

competitive a.竞争的,比赛的; 好竞争的,求胜心切的; (价格等)有竞争力的
Our offer is competitive and we can't lower the price any more. ;我方的报价是有竞争力的我方不能再降价了.

depend vi.(~ on/upon) 依靠,依赖;信赖,相信; 决定于,视……而定
"Can I depend on him?" "That depends." ;“我能相信他吗?”那得视情况而定.”

depart vi.离开,出发; (~from)背离,违反
I didn't see my parents off last night ;昨晚我未来得及为父母送行,
because the plane had already departed when I arrived. ;因为我到机场的时候飞机已经起飞了.
The new method departs from the old in several respects. ;新的方法在某些方面违背了旧的方法.

deposit n.订金,押金;存款; 沉积物,矿床,矿藏 vt.使沉积,使沉淀; 存放,积存;储蓄
The interest of the current account is lower than that of the deposit account. ;活期存款的利息比定期存款的低.
When the River Nile is in flood,it deposits a layer of mud on the fields. ;尼罗河泛滥时在田野上沉积一层泥.

emergency n.紧急情况,不测事件, 非常时刻
In an emergency,please call 110. ;出现紧急情况,请拨110 报警电话求助.

emphasize vt.强调,着重, 加强…的语气
Our reform and opening policy especially emphasizes ;我们的改革开放政策特别强调了
the importance of the economic reform. ;经济改革的重要性.

encounter vt.& n. 遇到,遭遇,遭到
The heroine of Alice in Wonderland encountered many adventures. ;《爱丽丝奇遇记》中的女主人翁有很多奇遇.

enforce vt.实施,生效,执行; 强迫,迫使
Don't stand in the way when the police enforce the law. ;别妨碍警察执法.
I won't compromise. Don't enforce obedience on me. ;我不会妥协, 不要强迫我服从.

feasible a.可行的,可能的, 可用的
Scientists' research plans of Mars sound quite feasible. ;科学家们的火星研究计划听上去很可行.

general a.一般的,普通的;总的, 普遍的,全体的,大体的 n.将军
The general public would be interested in the things related to their own interests. ;公众会对与他们切身利益相关的事情感兴趣.
Have you got any general idea about origin of species ;你现在对物种起源有些大体的认识了吗
after reading Darwin's works? ;读过了达尔文的著作?

implement vt.使生效,履行,实施 n.工具,器具,用具
The imperial civil examination system was implemented in China ;中国采用科举制度.
from the Sui Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. ;从隋朝到清朝.
Rakes,ploughs,hoes and spades are simple farming implements. ;耙、犁、锄、铲是简单的农具.

income n.收入,所得,收益
We often ask about others' income,but Americans don't. ;我们经常问别人的收入 状况,但是美国人不会这么做.

likely a.可能的,有希望的; 适合的 ad.可能
The likely outcome of the contest varies from moment to moment. ;比赛结果可能每分钟都在变化.
(It's likely that the outcome of the contest varies from moment to moment.) ;比赛结果可能每分钟都在变化.

manufacture vt.(大量)制造,加工 n(大量)制造,制造业 制造品,产品
All those underground plants that manufactur -e piratic CDs must be closed down. ;所有制造盗版CD的地下工厂都必须查封.
To develop manufactures to the utmost, ;中国如要极大地发展制造业
China must have new markets for their products. ;就必须拥有销售其产品的新市场.

perform v.做,履行,完成; 演出,表演
You must perform well in order to get a promotion. ;要获得提升你必须干得出色.
You should always perform what you promise. ;你应当永远履行你的诺言

performance n.演出,表演;履行, 执行;工作情况,表现, (机器等)工作性能
Windows 98 has a very satisfactory performance. ;Windows 98 的性能令人很满意.
permanent a.永久(性)的, 固定的
True love should be permanent. ;真爱应该是永恒的.

reference n.提到,论及;参考, 查阅;参考书目; 证明书(或人), 推荐信(或人)
We are now forwarding you a catalog for your reference. ;现寄去我方产品目录以供参考.
I asked for a reference letter from IBM when I resigned. ;我辞职的时候向IBM公司索取了推荐信.

reflect v.反映,显示;反射, 映现;深思,考虑, 反省
It's said that a person's handwriting can reflect his/her character. ;据说,字迹可以反映一个人的性格.
I need time to reflect on your offer. ;我需要时间来考虑你的建议.

reflection n.映象,倒影,反射; 反映表达;批评; 深思,考虑,反省
Do you think a person's clothes are a reflection of his personality? ;你认为一个人的衣着可以反映出其个性吗?

sheer a.完全的,十足;陡峭的, 垂直的;极薄的,透明的 ad.垂直地,陡峭地
Success is not achieved by sheer luck. ;成功不是完全靠运气取得.
"Mentholatum" sheer color lip balm is a new product loved by young girls. ;“曼秀雷敦”薄色润唇膏是新推出的产品,受到女孩子们的青睐.

sheet n.被单;薄板; (一)片,(一)张,(一)块
Remember to take the bed sheets in if it rains. ;要是下雨的话, 记得收被单.
That naughty boy drew a cartoon of his teacher on a sheet of paper. ;那个淘气的男孩在一张纸上给老师画漫画.

shield n.防护物,护罩, 盾(状物) vt.防护
The spacecraft was fitted with a heat shield. ;太空船装置了防热护罩.
Wearing sunglasses can shield the eyes from sunlight. ;配戴太阳镜能使眼睛免遭阳光照射.

shock n.震动,冲击;震惊, 惊愕;休克;电击 v.(使)震惊
An electric shock can kill you. ;电击可置人于死地.
I was shocked by Emperor Zhou's tyranny when I was reading the historical book. ;读史书时,我对纣王的暴政感到震惊.

variety n.品种,种类; 变化,多样化
The secretary complained that her paperwork lacked variety. ;秘书抱怨她的文书工作缺少变化.

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