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    151. be content with(=be satisfied with) 满足于be content to do sth. 愿意做某事
152. contrary to (=in opposition to) 与…相反
153. on the contrary 相反
154. contrast…with 把…与…相对(对照)
155. in contrast to/with 和…形成对比;by contrast 对比之下
156. contribute to 有助于
157. under control (被)控制住 out of control无法控制
158. at one’s convenience(=where and when it suits one) 在方便的时间或地点 . be convenient to / for 对…方便
159. convince sb. of (=cause sb. to believe or feel certain; to persuade sb.)使某人确信,try to persuade sb. to do sth.劝说某人做…
160. cope with(=deal with, try to find a solution to)应付, 处理
161. in the corner(of)在角落里;on(at) the comer of a street在街道拐弯处;round the comer拐过弯; be in a tight corner陷入困境
162. correspond (with) ( =exchange letters regularly) 通信
163. correspond to 相当于 . correspond with 符合,一致
164. at all costs不惜任何代价 . at the cost of 以…为代价
165. a matter of course 理所当然的事
166. as a matter of course 当然地, 自然地
167. in (during) the course 在…过程中
168. in due course (=without too much delay) 没经过太久, 到一定时候
169. on credit赊购; with credit以优异成绩; to one’s credit使某人感到光荣; do sb. credit 使…感到光荣 critical of 爱挑毛病的,批评的
171. cure sb. of+某种疾病 治好某人的疾病
172.a danger to对…的危险; be in danger(of)处于…危险中; be out of danger脱离危险
173. to date(=so far, until now) 到目前为止
174. out of date过时的;up to date新式的,时兴的; date back to可追溯到; date from从某时期开始(有)
175. deal with (=concern) 论及
176. be in debt to sb. 欠…的债
177. on the decline 在衰退中, 在减少中 in decline 下降; on the increase 在增加
178. to one’s delight 令某人感到高兴;to one’s regret 遗憾; sorrow悲痛; relief 安心; distress 苦恼; shame羞愧; surprise 惊奇; astonishment 惊奇;
179. delight in(=take great pleasure in doing sth.)喜欢, 取乐
180. take (a) delight in 喜欢干…, 以…为乐
181. demand sth. of sb. 向某人要求(非物质的)东西. demand sth. from sb. 向某人要求(物质的)东西 demand有需求;on demand受到要求时
183. be dependent on 依靠
184. deprive sb. of sth. 剥夺某人某物
185. derive…from(=obtain…from)从…取得,由…来的.derive from(=come from)起源于
186. despair of (=lose all hope of) 绝望
187. in despair 绝望
188. despite (=in spite of) 不管, 尽管
189. in detail 详细地
190. deviate from 偏离, 不按…办
191. on a diet 吃某种特殊饮食, 节食
192. differ from…in 与…的区别在于…
193. in difficulties…有困难,处境困难,
194. discharge sb. (from)…for (=dismiss sb. from a job for) 因…解雇, 开除
195. fall back (=retreat, turn back) 撤退; in disorder 慌乱地, 狼狈不堪
196. on display(=being shown publicly)陈列
197. dispose of (=get rid of ,throw away)处理掉
198. beyond dispute不容争议的,无可争议
199. in dispute 在争议中
200. in the distance 在远处. make out 辩认出
201. (be) distinct from ( = be different from) 与…截然不同
202. distinguish between (=make or recognize differences) 辨别
203. distinguish…from 把…与…区别开
204. do away with(=get rid of; abolish; discard eliminate) 除去,废除,取消; do away with (=kill) 杀掉, 镇压
205. have…to do with 与…有关系
206. without doubt (=undoubtedly)无可置疑地
207. in doubt(=in a condition of uncertainty)对…表示疑惑
208. be due to 是由于
209. come off duty 下班
210. go on duty 上班
211. be on duty 值班, 值日, 在上班时
212. be in duty bound to (do) (=be required by one’s job or esp. by conscience) 有义务(做)
213. be eager for 想得到, 盼望
214. by ear (=play music from memory without having seen it printed) 凭记忆,不看乐谱
215. have an ear for (=have keen recognition of sounds esp. in music and language)对..有鉴赏力
216. a word in one’s ear 私房话, 秘密话
217. on earth 究竟, 到底, 全然
218. with ease ( = easily) 容易, 不费力
219. at (one’s) ease ( = without worry or nervousness) 自在,不拘束
220. put sb. at his / her ease (=free sb. from worry or nervousness)使某人感到无拘束
221. economize on (=save sth. instead of being wasteful) 节省
222. have an effect on 对…有影响
223. be in effect (=be in operation) 有效
224. go into effect 生效. ( 近: come into effect; take effect; be brought into effect)
225. in effect (=in fact, really) 实际上
226. give effect to (=carry out) 实行,使…生效
227. to no effect 不起作用,没有取得任何效果
228. (be) of no effect (=useless) 无效
229. to the effect that 大意是…,主要内容是…
230. to that effect 是那个意思的…
231. emerge from ( =appear, become known ) 出现, 暴露(问题. 意见等)
232. place(or put, lay) an emphasis on 强调, 把重点放在…上
233. encourage sb. in 鼓励; encourage sb. in his/her work 鼓励某人工作; encourage sb. in his/her idleness 怂恿某人游手好闲
234. encourage sb. in …with sth. 用…鼓励某人做某事
235. on end (=continuously) 连续地
236. (be) at an end (=finished) 结束了
237. no end of (=very many/much) 很多,大量
238. in the end (=finally, eventually) 最终
239. at one’s wit’s end (=not knowing what to do or to say) 无法可想, 智穷计尽
240. end up with 以…而结束
241. come to and end (=finish) 结束
242. end in 以…为结束
243. engage in 或 be engaged in 忙于,从事
244. enter for (=put the name on a list for) 报名参加
245. enter into (=begin) 开始(谈话, 谈判等)
246. enter on / upon (=begin) 开始 (一个时代. 一种生涯. 一段任期等)
247. be entitled to (=be given the right to do sth.)有权…,有资格…
248. be equal to 等于
249. be/ feel equal to (=have enough strength, ability etc.) (某人)能胜任,能应付 on equal terms(=on and equal footing)平等地
250. be equipped with 装备有,装有
281. in the twinkling of an eye 一眨眼,转眼间
282. keep an eye on(=keep a watch on)照看,监视
283. in the eyes of in one’s eyes ( = in the judgment of ) 在某人看来, 在某人眼里
284. on the face of it (=judging by what one can see) 表面看来
285. in the face of 面对着(困难等情况)
286. in one’s face当着某人的面; face to faced面对面; face up to 大胆面向
287. fail in (=be unsuccessful in) 失败
288. in good faith(=honestly, sincerely) 真诚地
289. keep faith with 对…守信用
290. lose faith in 对…失去信心
291. on faith 毫无怀疑地, 依赖地
292. faithful to (=loyal to) 对…忠诚
293. fall into the habit (of) 养成…习惯
294. fall short of (=fail to reach a desired result, standard, etc.) 没达到, 低于
295. familiar with 熟悉,了解
296. have a fancy for ( =like sth. without the help of reason) (没有道理地)喜欢, 想要
297. take a fancy to (=become fond of) 喜欢
298. by far 远, 非常 (与比较级或最高级连用)
299. far from 远远不是
300. far from 非但不…(而且)
301. in fashion(=stylish, most modern)时兴,流行
302. after the fashion (of) 依照…
303. find fault with(=complain about; criticize)找毛病,对…吹毛求疵
304. at fault (=in the wrong, blamable)有错
305. in favour of 赞成
306. be in favour with 受宠, 受偏爱; out of favour with 失宠, 不受宠
307. in one’s favour(=to one’s advantage)对.有利
308. (be) favourable to(=advantageous)有利的
309. fear for (=be afraid for the safety of sb. or sth.) 为…担心
310. for fear of (=in case of; because of anxiety about) 以防, 由于怕
311. in fear of (=afraid for the safety of) 担心
312. feed (sb.) on sth. 靠吃…, 用…喂养
313. be fed up with(=be unhappy, tired about sth. dull) 厌烦, 腻了
314. feel like (=have a desire for) 想要
315. fill in 填写
316. fill out ( =fill in )填写
317. set the world on fire=set the flames on fire(=do sth. remarkable)有突出成就
318. play with fire (=take great risks)干冒险事
319. set sth. on fire(=set fire to sth.)使..着火,放火
320. at first sight(=when first seen)乍一看,一见
321. for the first time 第一次 (作状语)
322. in the first place 首先, 第一
323. fit into 刚好放入
324. fit in with ( = suit , fall into agreement) 合适, 相配, 一致
325. (be) fit for (=right and suitable for) 适合
326. focus on (=concentrate on) 集中在…上;focus sth. on 把…集中在…上
327. be fond of 喜欢
328. (be) in force 有效 , 实施
329. go into force 开始生效
330. by force 靠武力, 强行
331. force…on 把…强加给…
332. in the form of 以…形式
333. be fortunate in 幸运,有好运气
334. free of charge 免费
335. be freed from 免受, 没有…
336. in front of 在…前面 in the front of 在…前部
337. furnish…with (=supply) 向…提供
338. in general (=in most cases, usually)通常
339. catch (or get) a glimpse of 瞥见(强调结果) take a glance(or look) at看一眼(强调动作)
340. be good for 对…有好处;对…有作用;be good at 擅长于; be good to 对…好
341. in good time(=early)早早地(做完.到达等)
342. for good (=for ever) 永远地, 长期地
343. take…for granted (=assume to be true) 把…认为理所当然的.
344. be grateful to sb. for sth 因…感谢某人
345. on the ground(s) fo (=because of) 由于…
346. fall to the ground (计划.希望等)失败,落空
347. on one’s guard(against) 谨防, 警惕;(be) on guard 站岗
348. guard against (=defend, keep safe)警惕,防止 guard…against 警卫…防止
349. guess at 猜, 估计
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