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  小编先带大家看看大家最熟悉的考点出处:转折处出考点。常见转折关联词有:but, however, yet, nevertheless, while(然而), on the contrary等等。
  例1:A few months ago, it wasn't unusual for 47-year-old Carla Toebe to spend 15 hours per day online. She'd wake up early, turn on her laptop and chat on Internet dating sites and instant-messaging programs – leaving her bed for only brief intervals. Her household bills piled up, along with the dishes and dirty laundry, but it took near-constant complaints from her four daughters before she realized she had a problem.(2010.6, cet4 )
  51. What eventually made Carla Toebe realize she was spending too much time on the Internet?
  A. The poorly managed state of her house.
  B. The high financial costs adding up.
  C. Fatigue resulting from lack of sleep.
  D. Her daughter's repeated complaints.
  【解析】本段主要描述了Carla Toebe因上网严重影响到生活,最后一句后半句通过转折指出,是她4个女儿的不停抱怨才让她最终意识到自己有了问题(had a problem),而这一问题正是题干中提到的“spending too much time on the Internet”。
  例2:I had waited tables during summers in college and was treated like a peon (勤杂工) plenty of people. But at 19 years old, I believed I deserved inferior treatment from professional adults. Besides, people responded to me differently after I told them I was in college. Customers would joke that one day I’d be sitting at their table, waiting to be served.
  54. How did the author feel when waiting tables at the age of 19?
  A. She felt it unfair to be treated as a mere servant by professional.
  B. She felt badly hurt when her customers regarded her as a peon.
  C. She was embarrassed each time her customers joked with her.
  D. She found it natural for professionals to treat her as inferior.
  【解析】作者19岁时在饭店当招待员,对于不被顾客尊重,她的看法是“deserved inferior treatment”,即“低人一等是理所当然的”。换句话说,作者觉得有专业技能的人看低她是十分自然的事,即D选项所述。
  常见阅读考点出处之二 —— 逻辑关系:并列、因果
  常见表并列的词语:and, while(同时), meanwhile, also;
  常见表因果的词语:because, why, the reason, for, so, since, as a result等。
  例1:(并列)They weren't looking for cured meats, organic produce or beautiful presentation; they were looking for whatever they could get their hands on, and this prioritisation of quantity over quality prevailed for decades, meaning a generation was brought up with food that couldn't compete with neighbouring France, Italy, Belgium or Spain.(2011.6, cet 4)
  53. Why couldn't Britain compete with some of its neighbouring countries in terms of food in the post-war decades?
  A. Its food lacked variety.
  B. Its people cared more for quantity.
  C. It was short of well-trained chefs.
  D. It didn't have flavourful food ingredients.
  【解析】本段后半部分提到,这种只重数量不重质量的习惯持续了几十年,这意味着一代英国人是被无法和邻近的法国、意大利、比利时和西班牙相媲美的食物养 大的。由此可知,英国食物无法跟邻国竞争是因为英国人只重数量不重质量。B选项是对原文中“prioritisation of quantity over quality”的同意转述。
  例2:(因果)American tourists, however, shouldn’t expect any relief soon. The dollar lost strength the way many marriages break up- slowly, and then all at once. And currencies don’t turn on a dime. So if you want to avoid the pain inflicted by the increasingly pathetic dollar, cancel that summer vacation to England and look to New England. There, the dollar is still treated with a little respect.
  55. What is the author’s advice to Americans?
  A. They treat the dollar with a little respect
  B. They try to win in the weak-dollar gamble
  C. They vacation at home rather than abroad
  D. They treasure their marriages all the more.
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