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 1. decision决定

  Specilist advice is available to help you choose the most suitable breed of dog, but in part, the decision depends on common sense.

  2. decline下降 减少 衰退 谢绝 拒绝

  The major reason for the decline of Asian elephants is the loss of their forests.

  3. decorate装饰 装潢 修饰

  It is better to reside in a bad part of town, I think, than not to live the house at all, or they buy an old house,and redesign it, then decorate it with old style furniture.

  4. decrease减少 (减少)量

  Schools that show a decrease in deliberate destruction of property can receive the

  amount of money, that would be spent on repairs and replacements.

  5. definite明确的 确切的 一定的 肯定的

  I am sorry, madam, the plane is somewhat behind the schedule, take a seat, I will

  inform you as soon as we know something definite.

  Thank you, I’d rather look around, and I will be back in several minutes.

  6. definitely明确地 肯定地 [口]的确

  You’re a fantastic teacher that definitely tought me a lot about reasoning.

  7. deliberate故意的 深思熟虑的 仔细考虑

  A chemical attack is the deliberate release of toxic gas, liquid or solid that can poison people and the enviroment.

  8. demand要求 强令

  The strike of the porters has held up export orders for two weeks, Do you think it will end soon?

  So far as I know, the management side has made an improved pay offer, but the

  unions are just holding out for the original demands.

  9. demanding费力的 过分要求的

  Susan brown found that a night nurse’s work is physically less demanding than a

  clearner’s, and she can sleep 8 hours during the day.

  Dogs are demanding pets, whereas cats identify with the house and so are content of if their place there is secure.a dog identify with its master and consequently wants

  him to show proof of his affection.

  10. democracy民主(制) 民主国家

  You have got to do far more to take the leadership role in protecting the freedoms, and the democracy, and the citizens of your country.

  11. demonstrate证明 显示 展示

  Drugs are approved only after tests have demonstrated that they are relatively safe when use as directed, and when their benefits outweigh their risks.

  12. dental牙齿的 牙科的

  What kind of food is most likely to cause dental decay?

  13. dentist牙科医生

  I need to find a dentist; you said you know Doctor Smith Well, do you recommend her?

  Well, I had to see her a few times, but what impressed me most is the magzines in her waiting room.

  14. depart离去 出发 背离 违反

  Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve commenced our descent in the Sydney Airport and we will depart the terminal building about 30 minutes from now.

  15. department部 部门 系

  The report says all the departments are making a profit except the Asian Department.

  Well, Mr.smith seems to be the wrong person to head that department, One more step wrong, and he would be removed from that office.

  16. departure离开 出发 背离 违反

  I’d like to remind you when you leave Sydeny airport on the next international flight, you will berequired to pay a departure tax of 10 dollars.

  17. depend依赖 决定于

  If the earth gets hotter in new century, what will happen to animals and the plants which animals depend on for survival?

  18. deputy副职 副手

  Just the deputy governor of the prison said, we try to preserve the prisoners respect as much as possible by imaging ourselves in their prison. His words explained why this new prison is run in unique way.

  19. descend下来 下降

  So the pilot did descend to the wrong altitude then, because they were following the air controllers’ instructions.

  20. description描写 形容 种类 性质

  Your description is to be no more than 1 A4 page in length.

  21. deserve应收 应得 值得

  Congratulations, you certainly did quite well, and I must say you deserve that grade.

  Well, I really studied hard for that exam, I’ve been preparing for it for more than a month. Now I can relax for a while.

  22. design设计 构想

  In the past, it was believed that left-handers tended to have more accidents largely because most equipment was designed for right-handers.

  23. desire渴望 欲望

  At the college level, a study found 85% of both male and female first-year students desired to change their body weight.

  24. despite不管 不顾 尽管

  Psychologists find that despite the best efforts of teachers, these ideas have changed very little over the past decade.

  25. destruction破坏 毁灭 消灭

  The huge increase in human population has caused the destruction of Asian forests for human occupation.

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