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Pollution: An Increasing Concern in China

  1. 中国的污染的现状

  2. 造成污染的原因

  3. 解决的办法

  Pollution: An Increasing Concern in China

  It is reported that ten big cities in China are being ranked among the top twenty cities with the highest pollution index in the world. This means it is high time we did something to bring the situation under control.

  Many factors are contributing to the deteriorating situation: industrial wastes pumped into the air, the lakes and rivers; a increasing number of automobiles crowding into the streets; the widespread use of plastic bags etc.

  To my view, stiffer laws and regulations must be implemented to check pollution. Industries that release wastes without permission should be heavily fined. Cars should be equipped to minimize the exhaust they release into the air. And the use of plastic bags and disposable meal boxes should be banned. What's more, the media should play an important role in implanting a sense of environmental consciousness into people's mind.

  If everybody works toward a common goal of making the environment better, we can create a cleaner and lovelier world for us and for the coming generation.


传统的价值观(Traditional moral values)

  there's so much for me to talk about in terms of traditions of family and community as a chinese. confucius alone gave us much food for thought which is still being advocated but hardly practiced today. for example, 'self-cultivation, regulating the family, managing the nation, and establishing peace all over the world', a standard conduct of the chinese society for thousands of years, is eclipsed by individual thirst to glean more fortune.

  how one's own fortune goes curtainly prevail over how a nation's does. in china the ammount of bribe money is astonishingly large and the number of corrupt officials which have been brought to the justice is not as large as those who are not yet. why do these civil servants risk their fame and even lives in defiance of law? greed and selfishness account for it. corrupton among public service is but a drop in the ocean when it comes to the demise of the morality. as i walked around the downtown the other day, i found people, with their fancy clothes and stylish hairdos ,appear too materialistic,which is not to my liking. wasn't there a time when things were simpler and people were more humble?once bogged down in private interest, one finds oneself blinded by the greed and selfishness.

  advocating the traditional moral values about family and community is definitely necessary. actually it has adopted by the chinese government as a key policy

  to run the coounty by combining the rule of law with the rule of virtue ,which is the essence of confucianism. i know modernization is necessary for advancement .however ,i hope we will forget the traditional moral values along the way.


应对紧张(Dealing with tension)

  caught up in the rush of life, we have forgotten how to live, how to find simple things charming.

  taking a walk at night under the stars provides something that business deals cannot provides; enjoying warm sunlight, birds' songs and flowers’ fragrance is not for poets only, but for everyone. meditation, too, is a great need. meditation brings understanding of life's relationships, purposes,objectives,and rewards, sharp focus. it is an aid for tense nerves.

  the only way to cope with tension is to learn how to manage one’s body and one’s mind. resting includes time in bed as well as short periods of relaxation. one may relax when walking on the street, by flexing his muscles and diverting his mind to things around him. moreover, enough time should be taken for a leisurely lunch. the most inefficient way of handing tiredness and pressure is to take stimulant or drugs.

  everyone has only 24 hours a day, and a limited number of years to live. so we need to admit limitations of physical and mental strength, and to keep within those limits.


 My View on Online Education.

  1. 目前网络教育形成热潮

  2. 你认为这股热潮形成的原因

  3. 你对网络教育的评价

  My View on Online Education.

  Being online is no longer something new or fresh in our life. To some extent, it has become part of our daily life. We can do a lot of things online, such as searching for information and communicating with friends far away. But recently another helpful online activity has become very "in". That is online education.

  Why could online education be so popular within such a short period of time? Among other reasons, the quick development of the Internet should be an essential one, which makes all our dreams of attending class in the distance possible. Another underlying reason is the quick development of both society and technology. Today, modern science and technology is developing with fantastic speed. To catch up with this development we all feel an urgent and strong desire to study. However, due to the great pace of modern society, many people are too busy to study full time at school. Online education just comes to their aid.

  Personally, I appreciate this new form of education. It's indeed a helpful complement to the traditional educational means. It can provide different learners with more flexible and versatile ways of learning. Best of all, with online education, we can stick to our jobs and at the same time study and absorb the latest knowledge.


 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Post-holiday Syndrome Among Students. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below.

  1. 很多学生在开学伊始都会出现假期综合症

  2. 出现这一现象的原因

  3. 我的建议 

  Post-holiday Syndrome Among Students

  With the gloomy prospect of returning to school, many students could suffer from post-holiday syndrome, which refers to a general feeling of depression before returning to campus life, which is caused by irregular lifestyles during the holiday. Symptoms include fatigue, lack of appetite and concentration, irritability and a feeling of helplessness.

  Various reasons can account for it. But most important of all, a large number of students tend to overindulge themselves in eating, merrymaking and playing around during the holidays, which makes it difficult to adjust to their routine study schedule and life pace on the campus.

  My suggestions to deal with this syndrome are as follows. First,exercising and sticking to a normal schedule over the holidays will make a difference and nip post-holiday syndrome in the bud. Besides, it pays to return a few days earlier before the semester starts. The early return seems to have kept the holiday blues at bay.


Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: Immoral Behaviors in Public. You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below:




  范文:Immoral Behaviors in Public

  We have all seen or experienced it before---those inappropriate and often unsanitary actions which disgust and annoy most cultured people in society. Spitting, littering, peeing in public---all these and others fall into this category. I personally had the embarrassing experience one late night of seeing a man peeing alongside the river. He was not embarrassed at all.

  Such inappropriate public behavior has a terrible effect on society. For one thing, most unsanitary behavior can spread germs and diseases to the general public. For another, they contribute to the pollution of the environment and show little or no consideration for the environment.

  We must take steps as a society to improve this situation. Our government should sponsor public announcements and advertisements to emphasize the cultural inappropriateness of this kind of behaviors. Our schools and teachers should teach and enforce acceptable standards for all students. And in the home, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles should all work together to teach the children what is right by example.


How to Enhance Etiquette Education?

  1. 礼仪教育很重要

  2. 现在许多大学生都不懂礼仪

  3. 为加强礼仪教育,家长和学校应该……


How to Enhance Etiquette Education?

  Etiquette education, which plays an important role in moral education, has caught more and more people’s attention. Because it is an integral part of quality-oriented education and contributes to the construction of a harmonious society.

  However, due to the lack of etiquette education in schools and families as well as the bad influence of the social environment, many college students have little knowledge of etiquette, thus it is quite common to see their bad behaviors. For example, they have no respect for their professors and the old, they talk to each other loudly in the library and don’t care about what they should wear in public places.

  Regarding the seriousness of this phenomenon, I think we should take the following measures to arouse university students’ etiquette awareness. First, parents should set a good example for their children at home. Second, colleges should pay attention to students’ etiquette education and open some courses relating to etiquette, and they ought to try their best to create a good campus environment at the same time.


 Reform of English Education


  2. 产生这一现象的原因

  3. 你认为应如何改革英语教育


  Reform of English Education

  As college English education is greatly emphasized with the rapid development of global commuiiicaticm,tbe defects that exist in the current educational system are open to more criticism- It is widely acknowledged that a thorough reform of college English education should be under way.

  People ask for English education reform mainly because of the Inadequacy of college English education under the current system. On the one hand, many coilege English teachers underestimate the role interest plays in English learning and keep preaching in class. On the other h^nd, under the current system, most Chinese students tend to separate vocabulary memorizing, grammar, Hsteniiig, speaking, reading, and writing ftom each other and therefore their English is also “broken” in this way. This has also greatly contributed to the “dumb English” of many Chinese students.

  In my view, to reform English education, colleges and universities should encourage students to speak English in class and hold more activities to promote students' oral English. Teachers should focus on attracting students with vivid teaching and arouse students* enthusiasm in learning English. With the collaboration, the reform of college BngHsh education will surely yield pleatifu] fitiits.


Save Money or Borrow Money?





Save Money or Borrow Money?

  Mentioning money, some people like to deposit it in the bank, while others like to consume it in advance. Money saved by people is mainly for: buying a house; in case of emergencies or diseases, car accidents, unemployment, earthquakes, and things like that; in case of college expenses of their children; for retirement, and so on. People believe that saving money is essential to lead a comfortable life. Having money in the baiik allows people to pay for vacations or expensive purchases like furniture or doctor bills m cash*

  With the world entering a consuming era, many people, especially young white-collars and college students, choose to borrow money. Id other words, they spend money in advance _ use credit cards and pay back the loan and interest on tbe next payday. They argue that: first, they could enjoy the convenience of credit cards and purchase expensive goods by mstal^uents. Second, many banks make some preferential policies on credit cards, like sending a. gift or lowering year cost* which is a big attraction,

  On my personal level, I approve of saving money — in case of emergency, you do not need to turn to others for help, at least. And Vm opposed to the abuse of credit cards among college students. Since in most cases, parents arc their sole ftnandal sources.

10. 大学生炒股

 Student Investors in the Stock Market





Student Investors ID the Stock Market

  China’s stock market is luring students looking to sec how their textbook teachings fare in real life. While there arc no concrete data on the student- investor, business professors say tbe market boom has boosted the number of students looking to play around with stocks. They invest in the stock market with money from parents and sometimes with amount equal to several times their annual tuition.

  Some people are alarmed at the trend. As investing in the stock market involves many risks, they say,college students are very likely to lose, which may put students' &miiy assets at risk. However, some are supportive. As more and more students become sbarebolders, they will help raise tie general quality of shareholders and there will be more rational stock buyers in securities market, which is actually a good thing.

  In my view, college students may give stock investment a try if possible. Stock investment may be a way to make fast money and help finance students* schooling. Even if the students are likely to lose in the stock market, it may still bring about valuable investment experience — they can、learn if they don’t tiy.

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