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  Topic : There are social, medical and technical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. What form do these problems take? Do problems of using mobile phones outweigh the benefits?

  解析:有关科技发展的题目主要考查现代科技对人们生活习惯和生活方式产生的影响。现代科技主要包括因特网、电脑、手机以及各种小电器。当然,汽车和飞机的广泛使用也 经常被认为是近代主要的科技发展成果。主要的考点包括:

  • 科技发展的影响是正面还是负面的?

  • 科技发展让我们的空闲时间变多还是变少?

  • 科技发展对我们的文化、思想、观念和社区有什么影响?

  科技发展的正负面影响都有,没有必然的结论。科技发展使人们的生活质量极大提高的同 时,也可能导致人们养成不好的生活方式和习惯,对健康有不利的影响。考生在考试当中要注重 论述的质量,至于倾向哪个方面未必一定重要。


  • 生产效率更高,人们可以在更短时间内完成工作,因此可以有更多的体闲时间;

  • 给人们生活带来极大便利,提高了人们的生活水平;

  • 人们通过网络可以做很多事情,比如购物和处理个人财务,不用花太多时间在通勤 (commute );

  • 人们联系更加方便,即便行动不方便的人也可以通过网络联系家人和扩大朋友圈;

  • 人们获得信息的渠道增多(譬如说网络、手机、电子图书馆、电视),知识更加丰富。


  • 因为竞争激烈,人们需要接受在职培训和教育,工作节奏加快,压力更大,和家人交流的机会更少;

  • 因为通讯发达,人们在下班之后也被同事和上司联系,在家里査阅工作上的电子邮件;通讯 的发达同时推动全球化,工作的性质也趋向于全球化,人们的工作吋间在某种程度上被延长了;

  • 人们享受着网络娱乐和其他媒体所提供的娱乐,因此忽视和家人的交流;

  • 人们喜欢上网,不愿意外出,性格变得孤僻,和外界的联系减少。


  • 社会问题:在公共场所讲话声音大(speak at an increased volume),让人感觉不舒服(feel uncomfortable);

  • 技术问题:信息可能会被第三方截取(intercept)或者偷听(eavesdrop in);

  • 医疗问题:有可能增加患癌症的几率(increase the risk of suffering cancers);

  • 安全问题:开车时打电话(talk on the phone while driving),导致交通事故的发生(correlation with road traffic accidents)


  • 丰富生活:除了发信息(send text messages)和语音留言(make voice calls)之外,手机还可以用 来浏览网页(Internet browsing)、听音乐(music playback),管理个人信息(personal organisers)、收发电子邮件(e-mail)、拍照(built-in cameras)、下载铃声(ringtones)、玩游戏 (games)和听广播(radio)等,由此丰富了人们的生活;

  • 方便沟通:手机使人们可以随时随地进行联系;在有突发事件的时候(in the event of an emergency),手机可以通过信来确定人的位置 (locate trapped or injured people using the signals from their mobile phones)。


  Across the world, especially the wealthier parts, the mobile phone has taken the place of telephone as an electronic telecommunication device, with the majority of the adult, teenager and even child owning one. As this technology has become rife, its drawbacks, which can be seen from social, medical and technical perspectives, deserve people's greatest attention.

  Similar to many other hi-tech products, such as computers, mobile phones have detrimental effects on users' health. For example, long-time heavy phone users seem to be more prone to certain types of cancers, although evidence to date is inconclusive. Another lethal health concern is the link between mobile phones and road accidents. It is argued that motorists have a much higher risk of collisions and losing control of the vehicle when driving and talking on the phone simultaneously, despite sometimes using bands-free systems.

  When the mobile phone has brought considerable convenience, people's obsession with convenience has meanwhile caused enormous disturbance. That's why the use of mobile phones has been prohibited in many public places, such as libraries, theatres, hospitals and even transports, such as trains, buses and aircrafts. Speaking at increased volume is considered impolite or even offensive, In schools, students are required to switch off cell phones before the class begins because mobile phones are responsible for a high amount of class disruptions.

  When its downside persists, the mobile phone has proven indispensable in modern life. It is handheld, lightweight, portable and multi-functioned, allowing users to send text messages, exchange music files, make voice calls, browse Internet, and so forth. Meanwhile, within twenty years, mobile phones are expected to be more pervasive as technical advances and mass manufacture will make them low-cost personal items. Given those factors, the mobile phone will continue to perform its role as a key social tool, by which one keeps in touch with others much more easily than did the generations before.

  As suggested above, the contribution of the mobile phone to the society is prominent and people's dependence on it for communication is an irreversible trend, although it has a number of problems that should be well handled.


  1. device=equipment=appliance=instrument:设备,设置

  2. rife=widespread=prevalent=ubiquitous=predominant=rampant:普遍的

  3. prone to=susceptible to=vulnerable to:容易患上…的 4. lethal=fatal=deadly=life-damaging:致命的,有伤身体的

  5. motorist=driver=car user. 使用汽车的人 6. collision=crash=accident:碰撞,车祸

  7. disturbance=annoyance=interruption:干扰,打扰 8. disruption=interference=:distraction:干扰

  9. pervasive=prevalent=omnipresent:普遍的,流行的

  10. irreversible=permanent=irrevocable=unalterable:不可逆转的,永远的

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