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   It is generally believed that education is of vital importance to individual development and the well-being of societies. What should education consist of to fulfill both these functions?

  概述:不管在中国还是其他国家,教育和其他行业一样,都在不断更新和发展。教育学家和教一直在研究教育的内容、方式和方法,希望 培养出符合社会需求的学生。总体来说,教育对学生的影响可以从智力、知识、体育、道德、社交和实践几个方面去讨论。

  • 智力方面:教育方法和途径是否可以提高学生的学习能力(intellectual abilities)和技能;

  • 知识方面:学生掌握的知是否全面(full knowledge of a subject);

  • 体育方面:教育是否可以帮助学生养成良好的生活习惯(maintain a healthy lifestyle),保持身心健康(physical and psychological well-being); •道德方面:学生言行举止是否符合社会道德标准(adhere to code of conduct);

  • 社会方面:学生是否掌握了必要的交流技巧和生存技能,能否适应社会;

  • 实践方面:学生是否掌握了必要的工作技能,是否有较强的动手能力。



  • 提高学生思考问题(higher-level thinking skills)、分析问题(analytical skills)和单独处事(act independently)的能力,提高个人素质;

  • 加强理论知识学习(theoretical knowledge),增加实践的经验(practical experience),帮助学习者提高就业前景(improve career prospects);

  • 交流学科可以帮助学生提髙社会技能(improve social skills)、交流技巧(hone communication skills)和适应环境的能力(adapt to new environments);

  • 体育、营养学等课程可以帮助学生提高身体素质(develop physical fitness),帮助学生养成良好的生活习惯(educate them to lead or maintain a healthy lifestyle};

  • 法律、伦理学等课程有助于提髙学生的道德标准意识(heighten one's awareness of moral standards),使其遵守社会规范(conform to rules accepted by the society),履行责任(assume responsibility);

  • 艺术、文学等课程提髙学生对艺术、诗歌和文学的欣赏水平(develop an appreciation of art, poetry and literature )。


  Education is one of the largest items of government spending. It is regarded as the pathway to economic prosperity, an instrument for combating unemployment and the driving force behind scientific and technological advance. Given the importance of education for individuals and society, its scope, constituents and configuration have long been the subject of research, studies and discussion.

  Theoretically, a student is expected to acquire knowledge of a specific subject or profession at school, but throughout the learning process, education should focus on the development of their skills. A successful school leaver should show exceptional abilities to acquire, organize, interpret, evaluate and communicate information when graduate. Similarly, a proficient learner should meanwhile be a resource coordinator and user, proficient in identifying useful resources (such as information and capital) with speed and utilizing them to the full advantage. A qualified student should also possess some other skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking, which are essential not only for their further education but also for their careers later in life.

  When students become knowledgeable and resourceful, they should be equipped with competence that would enhance the transition from school to work. An excellent learner is admittedly important to society, but more important is his or her productivity. Education should absorb new substances and embrace new concepts in order for students to keep in touch with community and have full knowledge of the needs of community. Besides, a school should facilitate the progress of students in every practical field and give them opportunities to try new tasks and take on new roles. By enhancing their hands-on skills and job-related skills, schools can foster students' and society's future development and prosperity.

  When enhancing learners' academic excellence and professionalism, education cannot overlook learners' physical and psychological well-being. In this fast-changing and competitive society, many people are not in good form in coping with stress and health problems. Encouraging students to reduce stress and develop good health habits is therefore important. Sports, for example, function effectively as a health facilitator and as a good stress reducer. These extracurricular activities can be combined with academic activities to boost students' mental health and learning outcomes.

  To conclude, today's students are expected to be versatile, productive and healthy individuals when they finish schooling. With society becoming more specialized and economies demanding more skills, students should focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of education. They should lay a stress on physical activities as well.


  1. pathway=path=access=entrance:入门,途径

  2. combat=address=tackle=prevent=fight against:对抗,解决

  3. configuration=composition=formation=make-up:组成,构成

  4. similarly=likewise:类似地

  5. resourceful=ingenious=smart:足智多谋的,聪明的

  6. transition=change=changeover:转变

  7. in good form=performing well:表现良好

  8. versatile=multitalented=all-round: 多才多艺的,全能的

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