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    1. 大学生结婚
1.Should College Students Be Allowed to Get Married?
    There is no denying the fact that it is a hotly debated topic today whether college students should be allowed to get married. Some time ago, the ban was lifted by some universities on students getting married. To this people’s attitudes differ sharply. Some hold the positive view. They say that most college students are adults and that it is a basic right for those who have reached the appropriate ages to get married.
    Many others, however, hold the opposite view. They claim that the university or college is a place to study instead of a community to lead a family life. Allowing college students to get married would adversely affect their study. For instance, they would spend too much time attending their family and love, unable to concentrate on their school work.
    As far as I am concerned, I believe that it is OK to allow college students to get married. Anyway, this is their freedom. Actually, we don’t have to worry too much because facts have shown that most college students would choose not to get married in the face of such fierce competition and heavy school work.
    (或 As far as I am concerned, I believe that college students should not be allowed to get married. Though mostly adults, they are actually immature psychologically. Their wish to get married is, more often than not, impulses. Besides, as students, they are not ready to support a family financially.

2. 工作
2. Preferable Work
    Some people prefer to work with people. Working with people usually makes one feel interesting and efficient. At the same time, it can give people power and competition and provides rivalry which can be a very effective motive in improving one's ability. In addition, people can get better ideas by way of consultation and conference with other people.
    On the other hand, other people like jobs which mainly involve with objects or machine. They probably think that working with objects or machine will provide more peace and quiet. Under such peaceful conditions, one can do more practical work, improve one's skill and make technical renovations.
    Of these two ways of working, I prefer working with people. First of all, I like working with people because of companionship. Second, although there are competition and rivalry, we can learn something from other people even if we don't like them.

3. 兼职
 3. Part-time Jobs for College Students
    There has been much controversy over part-time jobs for college students. People who are against it hold that the sole purpose of higher education is for the students to acquire knowledge. If they are engaged in part-time job they will be invariably distracted from their studies and as a result they can not fulfill the requirements mapped out by the State Education Commission.
    The writer, however, thinks that there are several advantages for college students involved in part-time jobs. Firstly, part-time jobs provide opportunities for students to contact society so as to know the situation of the talent market. For instance, if a student works as a part-time governess, he or she will know what kind of professionals are urgently needed by the market and this will help him to choose a future job. Secondly, there are some financial gains from part-time jobs. Since the reform was carried out, institutions of higher education have started to collect tuition fees from students. Needless to say this means another financial burden on parents. And part-time jobs can serve as a partial solution to this problem. Last but not least, part-time jobs can cultivate students' sense of independence.
    To sum up, part-time jobs can do a lot more good than bad to students as long as they can make best use of their time and raise the efficiency of their study.

4. 私家车
4. The Development of Private Cars
    With the increase in the general standard of living, some ordinary Chinese families can now afford a car. Yet opinions on the development of a private car vary from person to person. Some claim that there are many advantages in possessing a car.  It gives a much greater degree of comfort and mobility. The owner of a car is no longer forced to rely on public transport, and hence no irritation caused by waiting for buses or taxies.  With a car he can go where he likes and when he wants, so much so that he can enjoy his leisure to the full by making trips to the country or seaside on the weekends, instead of being confined to his immediate neighborhood.
    However, others strongly object to developing private cars.  They maintain that as more and more cars are produced and run in the street, a large volume of poisonous gas will be given off, polluting the atmosphere and causing actual harm to the health of people. In fact, private cars contribute to traffic congestion so greatly that the advantages gained in comfort and freedom are often cancelled out by the frustration caused by traffic jams.
    In spite of all the above-mentioned, I still favor owning a car. The reason is that the car gives a person the freedom to schedule his own time. Though we are confronted with a problem of energy crisis, I am sure that the real solution will have to be a new kind of car, one that uses cheap, efficient fuel and does not contaminate the air.

5. 科技的双面性
 5. Scientific Discovery — Curse Or Blessing
    New scientific discovery nearly always brings mankind a blessing. Take electricity for example. Since its discovery, it has ushered in an era of countless inventions in close connection with it. Nowadays people can read and write by means of lights instead of candles. Fire is another example of discoveries which made human beings survive in ancient times and generates electricity in modern times. Again, minerals such as oil or coal discovered by man have long been used as fuel to develop industry and agriculture.
    Yet sometimes scientific discoveries may prove a curse upon the human race. As we know, everything has two sides. Electricity can shock one to death if used carelessly. Smoke from factories and gases from cars are terrible pollutants. Radium used in nuclear power plants can lead to a nuclear war.
    The misuse of scientific discoveries must be prevented. Since chemical elements or substances were discovered, some have been made use of for purpose of war. Such weapons as atomic bombs or poisonous gases have proved to be destructive to mankind. Therefore, it is the whole world's duty to prevent scientific discoveries from menacing the human race.

6. 网络的利弊
6.Internet — A Two-edged Sword
    Internet is playing an increasingly important role in people's life. As a newborn information delivering system, the Internet has made seas of information available at our fingers’ tips. Besides, the Internet serves as the most convenient means for communication. Through the Internet, people can discuss various problems and make friends who share common views.
    But just as a coin has two sides, Internet has its own drawbacks which should not be neglected. First, it costs an alarming amount of money to construct the system and the cost is very high to most Chinese consumers. Second, it is sometimes difficult for people to find the right information they are looking for since there is too much rubbish on the net. Finally, it is also difficult to prevent the net from the invasion of criminals.
    Therefore, the Internet should be viewed as a two-edged sword, which presents us with both conveniences and troubles. But we should not give up eating for fear of choking. The best policy, as I see it, is to further develop the net and exert proper supervision over it so that it can benefit us in a better way.

7. 伟大的发明
7.The Greatest Invention in the Past Century
    When asked about the greatest invention in the past century, some people may claim that it is the computer; others may say it is the mobile phone; still others may say it is the automobile. In my opinion, however, it is the Internet.
    Of course, the computer, or the electric brain, has greatly facilitated our mental work and spare us the burden of calculating, restoring and searching; the automobile saves us time and makes our travel more convenient and the mobile phone has got people closer. But, these are just the extension of human brain, legs and voice. The Internet, however,  has changed human life in a more fundamental way since its birth.
    First, as a newborn information delivering system, the Internet has made various information available at our finger's tip. Besides, Internet serves as the most convenient means for communication. Through Internet, people can discuss various problems and make friends. Last but not least, the Internet is also a faithful aid in our daily life since people can go shopping and get medical services online.
    To sum up, the Internet is indeed the most interesting and important invention man has ever made.

8. 熟能生巧
 8. Practice Makes Perfect
    A well-known proverb goes “Practice makes perfect”, which means that perfection lies in practice. Without practice, you can never expect to be really good at anything. On the contrary, the more you practice, the more likely you are to do things in a perfect way.
    Taking a look around, we can find examples too numerous to list. The study of English is a case in point. If you wish to improve your pronunciation, you must practice pronouncing every English syllable again and again. Likewise, if you want to write an excellent composition, you have to sit down and write.
    Another example is Deng Yaping, the world No. 1 woman Ping-pong player. This short girl, who does not seem to be cut out for sports, owes her success to painstaking and perseverant practice.
    In short, practice is essential if we want to make achievements in our studies or work, or indeed in any other aspect of our life. Practice, to some degree, can make the difference between being merely good at something and becoming a champion.

9. 反盗窃
9.Against a Robbery
    Yesterday afternoon,Mrs. Luo left home for shopping. Halfway down the stairs, she found her way blocked by two men armed with knives. They threatened her, saying that they would stab her if she made any noise. Then, they forced her to take them to her flat and open the door. It seemed that Mrs. Luo was be in a big trouble and was bound to lose money or life.
    In the flat opposite, a woman heard the noise outside. When she looked out through the window, she discovered that her neighbor was threatened by someone. She immediately called the police. In answer to the call, a patrol police car arrived at the scene of the crime quickly. Three policemen went inside the flat, others guarded outside the building to prevent anyone from escaping.
    The two criminals were arrested and taken to the police station with their wrists handcuffed. There they would be questioned and probably charged with robbery.

10. 研究生热
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